3 Popular Wallet and Phone Holders on the Market

Carrying your phone and wallet while you’re out for a walk can be a hassle at times, especially if you find them too bulky to fit either in your hands or your pockets. It’s for this reason why a wallet and phone holder is designed – to make carrying your essentials a lot easier and convenient.

Of course, this isn’t the only benefit it offers. Aside from convenience, a wallet smartphone holder can also:

  • Offer you a more secure means of keeping your essentials and prevent them from getting snatched
  • Protect your phone from various types of damage such as falls and scratches
  • Allow you to watch movies on your phone considering that it can also act as a stand
  • Complement your fashion with the variety of styles available

With all of its benefits considered, a wallet and cell phone holder is not without its downsides. For one, it’s quite bulky to carry around inside your pocket. There’s also the fact that in the event yours got lost or stolen, you end up losing more of your essentials. Fortunately, as long as you don’t mind the bulk and take proper measures to prevent it from getting lost, there shouldn’t be any problem.

If you’re considering getting wallet phone cases for iPhone 7 or whatever smartphone you own, here are some of the best products on the market that I recommend:

1. Spigen Slim Armor Case

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Black

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$16.99 $39.99

Spigen is a US-based company which is well-known for producing top-quality mobile phone accessories in the market. Though this slim armor case looks fairly like any other generic rugged case, it actually sports a hidden slot on its back which is designed for holding a maximum of three cards and a bit of cash.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best wallet phone cases for Galaxy S8, especially if you prefer a much simpler look than that of a folio wallet case. That aside, it also offers excellent protection for your smartphone and comes with a pocket-friendly design.


  • Comes with a dual-layer design for excellent shock absorption
  • A hidden slot for storing 2-3 credit cards and some cash
  • Features a polycarbonate exterior and a TPU interior
  • Sleek and slim profile

What Customers Say:

Most of the customers who reviewed the product commended its sleek and lightweight design. A lot pointed out its ability to comfortably hold up to three cards, but most of them recommend stuffing two instead.

The biggest gripes several customers have is that the case tends to be quite slippery. They also mentioned that they had a hard time retrieving their cards after putting them in. Regardless, they all agreed that the case indeed is durable.

Dockem Luxe M2 Wallet Case

Dockem Luxe M2 Wallet Case for iPhone XR; Built-in Invisible Metal Plate, Designed for Magnetic Mounting; Slim Canvas Style Synthetic...

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$14.99 $15.99

Dockem is yet another well-known US-based company that focuses on manufacturing high-quality accessories for various electronics including stylus pens, LED cables, card cases, and more. This Luxe M2 wallet and phone holder, in particular, is designed for the latest iPhone version, the iPhone XR.

Stylish and amazingly tactile, the Luxe M2 comes with a synthetic leather cover which gives it a unique and professional finish. It comes with two separate slots which allow you to carry two cards wherever you go. Apart from that, it comes with a metal plate which is located on its top portion to allow wireless charging with zero interference.

Its stylish design, seamless magnetic mounting feature, and two convenient card slots make it one of the best wallet phone cases for iPhone XR on the market.


  • Premium synthetic leather construction
  • 2 slots for carrying two different cards
  • Offers zero wireless charging interference
  • Seamless magnetic mounting

What Customers Say:

According to the customers who purchased this product, the case has a good design and overall durability. Some pointed out how it was able to hold their cards securely in place. Additionally, they commended the case’s slim and lightweight profile which allows them to carry it without dealing with any extra bulk.

However, due to its slimness, some customers found that the case isn’t capable of providing reliable protection for their phone.

AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet

AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet, Stick on Wallet (3 Pieces) (for Credit Card, Business Card & Id) | Compatible with Almost...

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$5.97 $6.99

Compared to the other two products, this wallet smartphone holder from AgentWhiteUSA is capable of holding up to 5 cards. Regardless of where you want to go, either to the gym or the city, you can always carry your phone and other essentials with you comfortably using this wallet and phone holder.

Apart from that, you can also store other accessories like your SD card, earbuds, and charging cable with ease. Since it’s a stick-on wallet, you can simply attach it at the back of your phone with ease. In terms of compatibility, this holder is compatible with a wide range of phones including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, and more.


  • Made of high-quality, anti-slip material
  • Can carry up to 5 cards
  • Stick-on design
  • Universal size which allows you to fit a variety of cards

What Customers Say:

A lot of the reviews talked about the wallet and phone holder’s ability to securely hold their cards in place. However, some of them complained about its less durable construction after seeing their holder experiencing tear after a few weeks of using.

There were also those who pointed out that the material is stretchy and the fact that they can only squeeze in as many as 3 cards in it.

So, why a wallet and phone holder?

Smartphone holders and wallet phone cases are indeed one of the best ways that allow you to save a lot of space in your bag by placing your essentials in one nifty accessory. There’s also the fact that you can keep your belongings well-secured in a much more convenient manner.

Overall, I really like the fact that I can carry my phone and a few cards with me using a wallet and phone holder anytime I go outside for a walk. It’s a lot more convenient, it doesn’t add any bulk, and it allows me to conveniently take out my phone or cash every time I need it.

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