If you love to travel or take vacations, the last thing you want to spend an egregious amount of money on is luggage. With retail sales in the United States in 2015 totaling over $8.5 billion, how you probably are wondering where to buy cheap suitcases.

Suitcases cost anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars. Where to buy cheap suitcases is complicated question, because many retailers sell the same brands (Samsonite especially). Airline companies set size restrictions for carry-on bags, and the cost of additional luggage averages $150 per bag. For frequent air travelers, it would be wise to consider suitcases that meet the carry-on requirements.

Your personal needs will dictate what kind of suitcase is best for you. If you don’t often travel, or use luggage sporadically or infrequently, you likely do not need to spend much on a suitcase. The more you travel, the more likely you need to investigate which brand offers the most durability at the cheapest price.

For weekend trips, you likely can settle for a more compact suitcase, capable of fitting several outfits and personal necessities or you can opt for a cheap duffle bags with wheels. If you typically travel in consort with your spouse and children, you may want to consider buying a set of luggage, because you can find an excellent deal on matching sets.

Additionally, if you want something that is designer or luxury, you would be wise to search designer retailers or look online for the best deals and what types of suitcases and bags for travel you can rely on.

What are the differences between a hard-sided suitcase and a soft-sided suitcase?

The differences between a hard-sided suitcase and a soft-sided suitcase are wide-ranging. Hard-sided suitcases are generally more durable, have handles that are more durable, and do not wrinkle clothing as much as soft-sided suitcases do. However, they are heavier, tend to be pricier than their counterparts, and offer less flexibility in storage space.

1. Identifying Your Needs

Do you travel frequently? What mode of transportation do you use? Do you tend to pack a lot, or just the bare essentials? Making a list of what you need a suitcase for is a great way to start formulating an idea of how to select the best luggage. If you limit traveling to occasional vacations or weekend trips, you likely do not need to buy anything extravagant, and should consider less pricey options. Here is a great list of things to keep in mind when picking out a suitcase:

  • • Whether the suitcase comes with wheels
  • • How strong the extendable handle is on wheeled suitcases
  • • If the wheels are high quality
  • • Whether the zippers are sturdy
  • • If you prefer a soft or hard topped suitcase
  • • If it meets major airlines carry-on requirements (check the measurements)
  • • If it comes with a warranty

2. Budget

How much can you afford to spend? Pretty suitcases and travel bags can vary substantially in price, and price does not always accurately reflect the quality. If you have a limited budget, or don’t see the rationale of spending more than $100-$200 on a suitcase, you want to be conscientious of your price range.

3. Compare Prices

If you have decided you want to adhere to a small budget for a suitcase, you need to know where to buy cheap suitcases and/or where to buy cheap tote bags. Your first step is to open your computer. The internet allows you to check local retailer’s prices, and compare their prices to shopping sites like eBay and Amazon.

For those who are not familiar with online retailers, they usually have cheaper prices than traditional retailers and mass merchandisers, and offer a wider selection.

If you google “cheap suitcases,” or “where to buy cheap suitcases,” you can click the shopping option, and google will allow you to compare prices from multiple retailers.

A great place to start is checking out cheap suitcases is a great list for The Best Luggage Under $150, which shows that you can find a phenomenal suitcase on a budget.

You can definitely find a lot of great options for a suitcase if you are a budget, and finding where to buy cheap suitcases is not as difficult as one may think.

4. Online vs. In-Store

People who bought their suitcases online were, overall, far more satisfied with their purchase than those who opted to buy in-store. The highest rated online retailer is Amazon, and people are increasingly using Amazon to purchase their luggage. One of the major benefits from buying a suitcase in store is the ability to see it in person and getting your suitcase the same day. Retailers also have special sales on certain holiday’s, which can save you a considerable amount of money.

If you want to start your search for a suitcase online, Amazon does offer free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers, and free returns. Amazon is a great online retailer if you are questioning where to buy cheap suitcases, and want a range of options. You can find suitcases that are up to 60% off on Amazon as well, so if you are on a budget but still want high quality, Amazon is a great option. You can even use an Amazon Discount Finder to ensure you find the best deal for a suitcase.

Regardless of where you choose to look, or where you buy your suitcase, make sure you keep your receipt. If the product is defective, you changed your mind, or if it comes with a warranty, you will need to have your receipt available to you.

5. Final Thoughts

Buying luggage does not have to cost an arm and a leg. If you need to figure out where to buy cheap suitcases, use modern technology to your advantage. Use price comparison tools to guarantee you are getting the best deal available, and definitely check out online retailers.

Be reluctant to pay full retail value. All stores, even online retailers, have sales and coupons. Take the time to check for upcoming sales, and special offers.

Make sure you properly assess your needs before purchasing a suitcase, regardless of its price. High prices do not indicate superior craftsmanship, so be sure to check out customer reviews of the product.

If you want to buy a suitcase and utilize it as your carry-on bag for air travel, double check the airlines size limitations, and the size of the suitcase. If you are in store, bring a measuring tape. If you are going to buy from an online retailer, be sure to review the specifications for the dimensions.