Large Leather Tote Bags for Work

Choosing that go-to bag for work is a daunting task, but the clear winner in this competition is a large leather tote bag for work. Leather bags give you the durability to last through the day to day usage with very little wear and tear. The tote design allows for large quantities of items to be stored in a single place – from laptops to books to snacks and everything in between. Combining those two options leaves you with a large leather tote bag for work. The specific tote bags made for work are usually consistent with extra reinforcement, as well as better quality to ensure long-lasting, and a more rewarding buy. Leather, of course, wears over time, allowing it to become more supple and to have the creases usually associated with vintage leather. The idea of a durable leather tote bag is that even with the everyday usage associated with a work bag, it can continue to be durable, and even get better with age. Each piece of leather is unique, which means that each leather bag is different from one another. This gives you a little something special to show off at work every day! Just remember that daily use of a leather bag means it does get a little worn- to increase the lifespan of your large leather tote bag for work wipe the bag down every day with a clean, soft cloth.

The best large leather tote bag for work

Leather can run on the more expensive side so finding a bag with good quality, and large enough to accommodate your needs for works takes a little research. These are the things you should look for:

  • Price – nothing too pricey, but you can’t go too inexpensive either otherwise you get faux leather
  • Quality – ensure that it is quality leather; when all else fails- look at the reviews!
  • Stitching – unfortunately leather doesn’t come in bag shapes so ensure good stitching, this is after all that holds your bag together and ensures long wear
  • Size – ensure it meets your needs for what you’re carrying in the bag (large leather tote bags are the way to go to work!)
  • Style – make sure you look into the different types of bags out there
  • Color – pick and choose between a variety of colors of leather and shades

Favorite totes

YALUXE is a fan favorite brand with multiple options for leather bags. Buying a large leather tote for work tends to lead a person to two options. Both high quality leather, with variable options, and a great value when it comes to price. One is a Vintage Style Soft Leather Work tote that sings of professionalism, and I-have-my-life-together vibes that is a guaranteed envy of the office piece. The other is the upgraded Soft Leather Work Tote that has more subtle notes and less of a secured shape. The more moldable shape of this bag leads to a softer look, allowing it to flow more freely in a variety of environments- not just work. So with that being said- let’s get into the details, pros, cons and customer reviews of each bag. Remember to shop around, but fan favorites are popular for a reason!

Vintage Style Soft Leather Work Tote

YALUXE Women's Vintage Style Soft Leather Work Tote Large Shoulder Bag Black 2

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a. A large leather tote for work purposes, it has a vintage feel in its boxy shape. The bag comes in three colors- wine red, midnight black and brown (a lighter shade, almost amber)
b. Reinforced handles and double stitching ensures a long lasting bag
c. A zippered main pocket contains two side pockets, two open pockets and a zippered pocket as well. This allows for more organization than found in older leather totes. Totally perfect for the person on the go and needs to stay organized at work.
d. Light bag, for how much it can hold. Up 13” of space available.
e. Outside pocket for ease of access.
f. Reviews: Some state that the stitching came apart after a month of buying the bag, however even more leave glowing reviews on the strength, and durability of the bag.

Soft Leather Work Tote

YALUXE Women's Soft Leather Work Tote Shoulder Bag (Upgraded 2.0) Brown

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Definitely taller than the previous bag, with thinner strap, this bag has a more sleek look to it, while still allowing for a 13” laptop to be placed in the bag vertically of course. Coming in an amber brown, midnight black or deep red, the leather bag is definitely a beautiful compromise between the large leather totes for work and the sleek out and about look. It boasts the same pockets as the Vintage piece, with the loss of the outside pocket, however, it maintains the integrity of having enough space for anything you could possibly need for work or just going about the town. Double stitched edging and an 11” inch strap to ensure maximum comfort when carrying the bag out and about.

Caring for Your Leather Bag

Caring for a leather bag is essential in its appearance and durability over time. To ensure that the leather is taken care of there are a few simple guidelines to keep the leather shiny, non creasing and of course enviable.
1. Know your leather- each type of leather can come from different animals, or treated differently to get the shine or texture you fell in love with. Each leather type also comes with it’s own treatment types.
2. Wipe down your bag every day or every few days to ensure that the leather is free of dirt and debris.
3. With larger leather totes for work, as they see every day use- condition with leather specific conditioner every few months. Air dry completely in a well-ventilated room to ensure quality is maintained.
4. If water gets on your leather, let it dry naturally. Blasting the leather with heat will only cause wrinkles in the hide.

All in all large leather bags are one of the greatest inventions of all time- durability combined with size and functionality. Using a large leather tote bag for work might just be the smartest decision you have ever made. After all leather bags are the source of many envious coworkers, while maintaining the most usage. With care, you can ensure your leather bag lasts not just a few months, but years. Fingers crossed for your search and remember just because it’s popular doesn’t mean its wrong!

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