Rolling Duffle Bag vs Suitcase – Comparison

Different travelers have different needs and destinations and you might wonder: rolling duffle bag vs suitcase, what works best? With different destinations come different challenges. As much as most people want one solution that fits all, every experience is different and needs to be complemented with the correct accessories and tools. One such thought is always considering the type of luggage you will be carrying. It all depends on your personal comfort and preferences. However, it is always better to have one kind of baggage depending on the circumstance.

A duffle bag is more convenient when it comes to packing more stuff, but you can carry it comfortably only for a few minutes before the weight of the bag starts dragging you down. In the case of a suitcase, carrying it does not present many problems until you try to pull it through rough ground patches and create a racket with an irritating noise.

Generally, a duffle bag is more vulnerable to theft than a suitcase because the former is easier to cut open than the latter. In this rolling duffle bag vs suitcase comparison, we will check out some basic differences and some of the best rolling duffle bags and suitcases in the market:

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Rolling duffle bag vs suitcase

If you’re confused between what type of bag you should go for, then consider these points:
Personal considerations:
If you are suffering from tensed muscles, spinal injury, or a bad back, a suitcase would normally suit your needs better than a duffle bag. As a lot of models have wheels, you can easily carry everything you need without having to put any pressure on your back.
If you can pack all your necessities in place, it does not really matter which bag you choose. But, if you are about to move a lot, you will need to consider which one will be perfect for you. Duffle bags generally have a greater and more flexible carrying capacity but lack inner compartments to keep everything need and tidy.
If you are riding a car or getting chauffeured to your destination, then a suitcase will present almost no problem at all. But, if you are using public transport, bikes, boats or trains, then a duffle bag might prove to be more useful as you have greater flexibility where to place it.
Value for money:
Your budget highly dictates the bag you opt for. Generally, suitcases are more expensive than duffle bags. Wheeled duffle bags are a bit more expensive, but still not as expensive as the average suitcase.
Carrying capacity and ease of handling:
Suitcases come in various sizes, whereas duffle bags come in a limited number of sizes. A duffle bag can pack more stuff than a suitcase but will tire you out and put a strain on your back or shoulders. Whilst they can often carry more, they are a bit harder to handle.

In order to make a proper wheeled duffle bag vs suitcase comparison, we hand-picked three different suitcases and rolling duffle bags and wrote our impressions and considerations you need to make.

Olympia Luggage Rolling Duffle Bag

Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag, Black

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The Olympia duffle bag is an elegant and classy luggage that is pocketed with several great features. It is made of polyester, which is one of the best materials for making cheap, yet durable, duffle bags. Polyester makes this bag extremely light that does not add additional weight to the overall weight of the bag. This bag is also extremely flexible and thus versatile. The Olympia rolling duffle bag has a zipper system which keeps each pocket locked and tucked up tight. Having a proper zipper is mandatory for any type of bag, and the one provided with the Olympia Luggage rolling duffle bag is particularly durable.

With plenty of space, the Olympia duffle bag can be hauled easily and is the perfect bag to carry for short weekend getaways. You can easily pack clothes for a two-week journey. The external pockets allow you to organize and store with ease. The bag is available in bright red, royal blue, and pink colors.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions – 22 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches
  • Weight – 6lbs
  • Material – Polyester 1200D
  • Fitted with 8 spacious pockets that allow more storage
  • Handles are retractable
  • Has the right-sizing that makes it perfect for a short weekend trip
  • The ball-bearing system makes it easier to move the bag
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Zippers are self-repairing
  • Will initially have a factory smell

Customer reviews

The bag has garnered an impressive response from the public and the customer reviews have been great. They say that the bag is suited for both male and female customers, is lightweight, and easy to carry. Its shoulder straps do not stress the body. Plus, the 5-year warranty of this bag allows buyers to replace it in case of any damage done to the bag.

Travelers Club Xpedition Standing and Rolling Duffle

The Travelers Club Xpedition duffle bag is an ideal travel partner on weekend getaways and short road trips. It is crafted using the best polyester, making is very durable while still easy to lift and carry. The U-shaped bag can conveniently hold all your travel essentials.

The two-tone design coupled with padded rear and top grip handles, which allow easy lifting and the sturdy and light-weight construction adds durability to the bag. The triple in-line blade wheels with protective bottom guards allow easy maneuverability and smooth rolling.

The roller bag is finished with a retractable telescopic pull handle. The front and side zippers also offer a lot of organized storage for smaller things. These zip closures lock in your belongings securely and stop them from spilling out.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions – 30 inches x 12 inches x 13 inches
  • Weight – 30.9lbs
  • Material – Polyester 600D
  • Comparatively larger than other duffle bags within the same price range
  • Flexible, allows you to store more things for your trips
  • The two-tone design and colors make this bag look fashionable and trendy
  • The polyester material is cut-resistant and can withstand rough handling with ease
  • Slightly heavy due to its increased carrying capacity

Customer reviews
The reviews are a bit mixed and while everyone agrees it is great value for money as you get a very large bag with a large carrying capacity, there have been reports that the colors are not always as advertised. However, we reckon that if the color is really important to you that sticking to the “Charcoal” style will be a safe bet.

Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffle

The Samsonite Luggage Andante wheeled duffle bag is one option to consider if you are planning a weekend trip. The perfect design of the bag will cater to all your needs as far as luggage is concerned. The zipper ensures all your materials are kept safely in and does not fall off, no matter the position. It is fitted with several pockets that allow you to pack in an organized manner.

The Samsonite bag is fitted with rolling wheels that are smooth and can be used on almost any surface. The size of the wheels can easily support the weight of the bag not making it trip over. Coupled with the wheels, the bag also has an upright handle that you can use to pull with.

The polyester is lined with nylon for added durability, strength, and softness. The bag is of premium quality and will not wear and tear as easily as other duffle bags. The U-shape opening on the top of the bag allows you to take what you need without disturbing the order of things arranged by you. Generally speaking, duffle bags are notoriously messy but this U-shaped design allows you to keep some order.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions – 22 inches x 12.5 inches x 12 inches
  • Weight – 7lbs
  • Material – Shiny Poly material
  • Perfect size for a light bag
  • The size allows it to fit into almost every plane’s compartments
  • Can be carried as a carry-on bag as well
  • Made of high-quality materials for its price and is sturdy enough to carry heavy items
  • Not waterproof

Customer reviews
Customers have praised the Samsonite duffle bag in the aspects of its carrying capacity and build quality. In particular, as this bag is slightly smaller, it can easily fit in overhead compartments and can thus easily be taken on a weekend trip without having to pay extra for checked luggage. This alone makes this bag ideal and well worth the money in our opinion.

While the rolling duffle bags we have discussed so far all heads their pros and cons, the rolling duffle bag vs suitcase comparison would not be complete without the suitcases. We have hand-picked a few that we like and/or have different features.

Samsonite One Size Winfield 2 Fashion Spinner

One of the most outstanding features of the Samsonite suitcase is its locking feature. Instead of a small lock, you can make use of the fancy and robust yet easy-to-use combination lock that is equipped in almost all Samsonite suitcases.

This suitcase is made to take a rough beating. It is made of polycarbonate that is capable of withstanding bumps without breaking. . The polycarbonate is extremely light and easy to carry. The colored steel appearances of these bags make it look very trendy too.

From the storage point of view, each side is divided evenly into a zippered divider that helps you pack things in an organized manner. The sides are separated into two evenly, allowing you to keep the clean clothes on one side and dirty ones on the other without the risk of the mingled smell. The bag is also fitted with several smaller pockets where you can store smaller items like phones, chargers, passports, money, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 24 inches x 16.5 inches x 11 inches
  • Weight – 9.3lbs
  • Material – Polycarbonate
  • The suitcase is made of a durable and hard case and fixed with spinner wheels
  • The stylish design and the colors make the Samsonite suitcase look cool
  • The Samsonite suitcase is fixed with a TSA locking system and is a great value for money
  • The interior is divided into main compartment and smaller pockets
  • The smooth hard case is prone to scratch marks

Customer reviews
Some positive reviews that are often bought up are that the bag can hold a lot of things and yet manages to stay light-weight. The built material is also very durable and does not break easily. Samsonite is an extremely reputable brand with high-quality products and this wheeled suitcase is no exception.

Coolife Luggage Spinner Hardshell Suitcase

In contrast to brands that have been standing in the suitcase game for a long time like Rockland and Samsonite, Coolife is relatively a new-comer. However, the company has launched a solid line of hardshell suitcases that can easily rival any of the older player’s product lines

The luggage set comes in a range of diverse colors like lavender, green, red, blue, or simply black. You will find a lot of elastic pockets and zips inside the suitcase for storing smaller items. The suitcase is fitted with a high-end combination lock which keeps your bag safe.

The suitcases are made of a hardshell material that provides shock and impact protection and durability. They are also fitted with multi-directional spinning wheels that can rotate 360° and allow free movement. The suitcases are water-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet if you are stuck in the rain.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions – Largest suitcase 28 inches x 19 inches x 13 inches, Middle suitcase 24 inches x 16 inches x 11 inches, Smallest suitcase 20 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches
  • Weight – Largest suitcase 9.2lbs, Middle suitcase 7.4 lbs, Smallest suitcase 6lbs
  • Material – Polycarbonate
  • Made of protective polycarbonate material that cannot be broken easily and is impact and shock resistant
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • The suitcases are very expandable, thereby allowing you to carry more things
  • The smallest suitcase cannot be fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane
  • The absence of flexibility is somewhat of a hindrance

Customer reviews
Most reviews state that the Coolife luggage set is the go-to set that people can use for a very long time, even if you travel back and forth a lot. With so many positive reviews outweighing the negative ones, Coolife is one brand you should keep under consideration. As this is a set, you get great value for money if you look at the cost of each item individually.

Coolife Luggage Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight

These suitcases come in three different sizes – 28 inches, 24 inches, and 20 inches. The colors they are available in are silver and purple, yellow and gray, green, red gray and black, and blue and black. All the suitcases are made of sturdy 1680D Oxford fabric materials that are of better quality than polyester and offer more rigidity with a nylon lining.

Each suitcase is fitted with organized pockets that allow you to store smaller things like a magazine or a cell phone charger. You will be able to carry everything you need on all your long trips. Packing and organizing your travel gear and essentials will definitely not be a problem for you!

They are very easy to move, thanks to four multi-directional wheels, ergonomic and robust aluminum handles that can be held by people who are very tall and does not require them to stoop or bend. The wheels are easy to roll and quite h2.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions – Largest suitcase 31.5 inches x 19 inches x 14 inches, Middle suitcase 28.5 inches x 17 inches x 11 inches, Smallest suitcase 23 inches x 15 inches x 9.5 inches
  • Weight – Largest suitcase 11lbs, Middle suitcase 9.2 lbs, Smallest suitcase 7.8lbs
  • Material – Oxford fabric 1680D
  • The suitcases are light-weight
  • They come in bright and different colors
  • The material used to make these suitcases is 1680D Oxford fabric, which is of better quality than polyester
  • The set has a short warranty period
Customer reviews
Despite being a new player in the suitcase industry, Coolife has managed to manufacture some of the best products in the market. Several positive reviews sing praises about the product line’s high-quality materials that cannot be broken or damaged easily. The suitcases are low-costing, good-looking, ergonomic, comfortable, reliable, and sturdy.

All the above products are some of the best suitcases and duffle bags in the market today. All of them are made up of the best materials that are resistant to wear-and-tear or breaking. These bags are designed to hold all your essentials via large compartment spaces and organized pockets. While some are a tad bit expensive, most of the above baggages are extremely cheap and pocket-friendly.

Editor’s pick – rolling duffle bag vs suitcase

Although all these duffle bags and suitcases have their advantages and disadvantages, the Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffle would be the editor’s pick. It is our recommendation because the Samsonite duffle bag will cater to all your traveling needs in a small size. It is extremely light and portable and made of materials that are shock-proof. This bag is comparatively cheaper than its counterparts as well. An extremely reputable brand, several pockets, high-class zippers, etc. are just some of the reasons that the Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffle is our top pick.

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