Top Mini Leather Backpack Purse Brands

Whether it’d be for work or for a simple day at the mall, I somehow always prefer to carry a mini leather backpack purse instead of a crossbody or a shoulder leather bag. Most of you may be asking yourself why I have this preference, especially since a big majority of ladies love the fact that shoulder bags are more compatible with their outfits.

To put it simply, a mini brown leather backpack purse is easier to carry than a traditional shoulder bag. Let me ask you this: have you ever felt that one shoulder sticks out more than the other after walking with a shoulder bag for hours? It has happened to me a lot of times because I like to walk a lot, especially when I go to the mall to shop.

Since I’m walking all the time, rarely do I put down my bag. So the result of letting one shoulder carry the whole weight of my belongings is a hassle.

For me, I’d prefer getting a mini genuine leather backpack purse for casual outings and even traveling. If you agree with my sentiments, I’d like to invite you to check out some of the nice womens leather mini backpack purses I’ve come across.

The Best Mini Leather Backpack Purses

Vaschy Faux Leather Bag

Mini Backpack Purse for Women,VASCHY Fashion Faux Leather Buckle Flap Drawstring Backpack for College with Two Front Pockets Brown

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This mini faux leather backpack purse is one of my top choices in mind for my next purchase. This is courtesy of Vaschy, a brand that specializes in creating various fashionable bags for both sexes. Their collection of backpacks, in particular, is very attractive because they suit women of any age.

As a mini backpack purse faux leather, it comes with two big side pockets and one main compartment. The fact that this bag is easy to carry around and also convenient to have makes it a really excellent purchase. I love the fact that each compartment is really roomy, allowing you to store in a lot of stuff in the main compartment and leave the front compartments for the smaller things.

Sure, it may not be striking to look at, but it does have its own charm. The fact that you can wear it for any occasion shows its versatility.

According to customers who have bought this product, the bag is:

  • Spacious and great for storing books
  • Very sturdy and has a strong bottom area
  • Very organized thanks to its three compartments

Gashen Black Mini Leather Backpack

Gashen Women's Mini PU Leather Backpack Purse Casual Drawstring Daypack Convertible Shoulder Bag (black)

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Gashen is a very well-known brand, but it does have a very strong online presence. Also, this brand has some pretty good reviews if you check out some of the online marketplaces that sell it.If you visit their collection, you’ll notice that a lot of them focuses on women who are on the younger side. This does make sense since the bags they make are targeted to college girls and fresh grads. However, it doesn’t mean that women of all ages can’t enjoy them.

In any case, the Gashen Black Mini Leather Backpack has a lot to offer in terms of convenience. First, let’s talk about the structure. It has a very sturdy build which allows it to take the weight of some heavy items. Also, this mini black leather backpack purse comes with 3 compartments where you can organize things with ease.

Lastly, it’s actually convertible into a leather mini backpack handbag which you can carry on your shoulder. If you’re not a fan of handbags, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can convert it if you do change your mind.

Let’s check out what some of the customers have to say:

  • Small but spacious inside
  • Does not stand out too much
  • Good for casual days and traveling
  • Very cute-looking

Scarleton Red Leather Casual Backpack

Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack H160810 - Red

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Last on the list is the Scarleton Red Leather Casual Backpack. Scarleton is a pretty well-known brand that sells designer mini leather backpack purses. You’ll find some of the prettiest purses in this store. One thing you’ll notice is that they like to create bags that stand out. The Scarleton backpack is no exception. The mini red leather backpack purse is targeted to those who want to explore bolder colors as it comes in a hot red color.

Other than aesthetics, it has some cool functions too. It has enough room to hold books, clothes, and other things you need to bring on a day at the mall or a day trip. It also comes with a cell phone pocket, side zipper pocket, and front pockets.

Finally, it makes use of very soft synthetic leather. If you love leather textures, you’ll absolutely love feeling this bag.

Other customers also had good things to say about the bag:

  • It’s roomy and sturdy enough to carry an iPad and a netbook
  • Great for mothers who carry a lot of things for their kids
  • Very fashionable red color
  • Can be used by college students

To wrap it up…

For me, a leather backpack is a sort of investment that you can get for your shoulders. I noticed that I had frequent shoulder aches after carrying heavy handbags all day while walking. That’s probably my fault too because I don’t usually put my bag down.

However, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this sort of habit. That said, if you’re like me, then I think a good leather backpack will be more applicable to your lifestyle. According to my research, these 3 are some of the best ones that I’ve found.


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