Which backpack is best for college

Back to school season is here, and it is now time to review and discuss which backpack is best for college. Unlike high school, college students use their backpacks outside throughout the day, walking across campus from sun up to sun down for classes and school events.
When weighing which backpack is best for college, there are important considerations to be made.
You have to consider size, material, comfort, and utility. Price is always a concern as well, but you may be willing to pay slightly more to have all the amenities you prefer. You also have to find a retailer that offers a wide selection of backpacks, so that you can explore all of your options.
There are different styles to consider, as well as brands. Some of the most popular brands and styles will be discussed, as well as some things to consider when thinking about which backpack is best for college.

1. Style

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from when looking for the right back to school backpack for college. There are standard backpacks, as well as messenger bags. Messenger bags use a shoulder strap, and are great if you don’t need to carry many heavy items. In terms of backpacks, styles vary based on gender, but the main types are the classic, Jansport and similar type backpack, bohemian style bags, and active and outdoor backpacks.

2. Features

Different backpacks offer varying storage capabilities. While some backpacks may have one main compartment, others seek to implement several interior and exterior pockets to allow for greater organization. While most backpacks zipper shut, bohemian type canvas bags can buckle shut. Some backpacks may also come with a buckle that goes around the waist, which is a feature typically found in backpacks marketed for outdoor use. Some backpacks are waterproof, which is a terrific quality if you attend school in a rainy or wet environment. Many backpacks now offer built in laptop cases, which is a great way to save time and money. Instead of having to buy a laptop case, you could simply use a padded interior pocket to protect your laptop.

3. Brands

Jansport is one of the most recognized backpack, popular, and best selling brands in the United States. When thinking about which backpack is best for college, Jansport is brand that should catapult to the top of your list. Jansport is an industry leader, and offers simple and complex designs, but specifically targets college students’ needs when designing backpacks.
Another top college backpack brand is Jansport’s sister company, The North Face. The North Face, as opposed to Jansport, is made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Most, if not all of their backpacks are waterproof and are made to withstand harsh, outdoor conditions. They are durable, and backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you want something rugged, and that comes with a lifetime warranty, The North Face is a brand worth considering.
Herschel is a new player in the backpack arena, and has recently gained a ton of popularity. They are also the fastest growing company in the backpack business. Their backpacks are more stylish, and feature a more compact, sleek design. Many of their backpacks feature leather straps and buckles, and are aimed to please students who only bring a laptop to class. The brand has a totally unique look, and has a type of bohemian vibe.

Nike produced their backpacks with the active lifestyle lover in mind. Meant to adapt to an athlete’s lifestyle, Nike backpacks are good if you like a modern, well-known brand and want to ensure you have a quality backpack.

Patagonia produces high end, durable, long lasting backpacks with many of the same features of The North Face, but with a different, more subtle design. They sell waterproof backpacks made to go up mountains, hike through the woods, and during camping trips.
Luckysmile offers waterproof, nylon backpacks that have a ton of storage, and have a simple, minimalist type style. They are exceptionally sturdy, and definitely have a unique look and style.

4. Material

You have several options when it comes to materials that your backpack will be made from. Nylon is an excellent material because it is waterproof, scratchproof, and durable. It is a polymer, not a fabric. Cotton is breathable and lightweight, and very easy to wash. Canvas is rugged, durable, and hard to damage. Leather has a smooth, rich look. Polyester is flexible and long lasting. When thinking about the material, you want to select one that fits your lifestyle. If you know you are outdoors a lot, leather is likely not a good selection.

5. Where to Shop

Many retail stores have great back to school sales. If you want to try on a backpack to check out the feel, definitely go to a local store. Don’t be quick to pay full retail price. Besides regular summer sales, many stores have weekly coupons and specials. If you find a backpack you love in store, take a moment and compare prices online. Use the internet to see if the backpack is less expensive at another store, or from an online vendor. Take your time to make sure you buy what you truly want. And if you like the selection of backpacks more from an online vendor, check to see if they have any discounts or specials.

Last Thoughts

Shopping to find out which backpack is best for college, you need to evaluate your options carefully. If you know you will rarely have to carry much more than a laptop and a pencil, you can likely get away with a smaller backpack. You want to check to see if the backpack you like is waterproof if you deal with constant rainstorms in college. Take your time to look through online retailer’s backpack inventories, because they likely will have a far greater selection than a mass merchandiser or local store.
Consider how you wish to utilize your backpack, and if you need significant storage, or a more durable material. If you want a longer lasting, lower maintenance backpack, research the materials used in it, and make sure it’s a good match. Ask friends or other students for advice on which backpack is best for college, and be sure to enjoy your first day of school.

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