How to Fold a Military Duffle Bag

A military duffle bag is a type of bag that can be used to keep and transport clothes and other items. Military duffle bags are typically made from heavy duty fabric and have several features, such as sturdy straps for carrying, a drawstring closure, and spacious storage space. Military duffle bags are very versatile and one can use them in many situations such as emergencies or camping trips.

There are many methods of effective folding, but we are focusing on an easy one. The steps given below will help you carry out this work like a pro. You can even rely on these tips to pack any other type of bag as well.

Getting Started

Although you can begin with various methods, we recommend that you first make a list of what is required and what is not.

  • Since you have so many things to take along when traveling, it is important to make a list of required items. Evaluate every single product to determine whether it is useful or not, which will help you prevent potential issues later on. Remove all the products from the list that are unnecessary, as they increase the weight of what you’re carrying.
  • Gather all your items, and avoid bringing things that take up too much space. You should choose lighter objects, which will take up much less space. Disposable items are a good option, as they are reliable and will free up space in your bag as you throw them out later on.
  • Put all the listed items on a table with the bag nearby to estimate whether they will fit or not. Sometimes, all the piles look too high for the bag, but they can be compressed into smaller piles that will be able to fit. Remember that you have shoes to take as well, which are not as compact. Try to manage space, and don’t worry about everything fitting until you try packing.
  • You should also have a sufficient sized bag. Overstuffing a bag can cause issues, like a zipper that won’t close, which is especially common with luggage. On the other hand, duffle bags, which are more effective than luggage in this case, can be closed with more ease when the piles of packed items start to grow taller.

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After completing all four factors given above, you no longer need worry. These will allow you to buy and use the best military duffle bag easily.

Step By Step on How to fold a military duffle bag

If you are wondering how to fold a military duffle bag, you can read the given instructions in the bag’s user manual. However, you can also follow the steps below:

  • Step One – You should lay every single item on a flat surface in order to see everything in front of you. This will help you determine which item to put in the bag first.
  • Step Two – Small items, like socks, should always be rolled into a ball, which is easier to carry and take up less space. You should then stuff them into the shoes that will also be in the bag.
  • Step Three – All your garments should be folded in half to make packing easier. Fold the shirts in half lengthwise, and roll them up tightly to make cylinders. You can use rubber bands to maintain this shape. Always roll shirts slowly and carefully so as to avoid wrinkling them.
  • Step Four – Toiletries are important, and you should put all of them together in a Ziploc bag. You should try to squeeze out any excess air within the bag when zipping it shut, thus making it thinner and easier to carry. Now, place the Ziploc in a toiletries bag to secure any sort of leakage from the Ziploc.
  • Step Five – Create groups of similar items. By doing so, you can fit them in a small This will help you easily pack all your necessities.
  • Step Six – You should place large and heavy items at the bottom of the bag. This will help fit everything easier. Laying these items at the bottom also creates a sturdy layer, which is helpful when traveling.
  • Step Seven – By keeping all similar items in their respective bags and by putting shoes on top of the heavy things, you can then place your jeans on top of the shoes. They should easily fit into any gaps, which will make packing easier.
  • Step Eight – Lastly, place shirts and other articles of clothing on top of the jeans to prevent them from taking too much space or from getting wrinkled. This will help you fill the bag tightly.

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The eight steps above can make your work easier and allow you to carry more items. If you don’t want to have problems when folding a military duffle bag, then read through all the factors and follow each one carefully to avoid any sort of issue.


You can find many videos online that teach you how to pack a bag, including how to fold a military duffle bag. You just need to empty the bag and slowly start folding from the upper part. Keep on rolling it in a downward direction. After rolling up the whole bag, use the given straps on the side compartments to tighten it up. These instructions will help you avoid any issues, and allow you to fold your military bag with ease.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, a military duffle bag is a durable and tough bag that can be used for a variety of purposes. They have a wide range of colors, can be purchased in different sizes, and are very affordable. In order to fold a military duffle bag, all you need to do is open it up flat on the ground then fold the top edge over about one inch from the side that is facing up. Fold the other edge over about one inch from the side that is facing down.