Lightest Hard Shell Suitcase

One of the most important features to consider when purchasing a piece of luggage is how much it weighs. There are many reasons for this: lighter suitcases mean less effort and fewer costs associated with traveling and more money in one’s pocket. The Lightest Hard Shell Suitcase is a great choice for those who want an easy way to be prepared for any type of travel experience, no matter the length.

Why choose a light hard shell suitcase

There are several reasons to choose a light hard shell suitcase over its heavy counterpart, with the most important being that it is easier to carry. The lightweight features of these suitcases make them easy to maneuver with only one hand, meaning you can easily walk through airport terminals and airports with ease. Along with having easy handling, they are also more durable than their heavier counterparts due to the innovative design.

Soft vs Hard Shell Suitcases

Picking the right style of luggage is difficult but there are pros and cons to both cloth based soft shell suitcases, as well as hard shell suitcases- as a bonus to hard shell suitcases, a lot of companies are developing a light hard shell suitcase to combat the previous blaring disadvantage to hard shell suitcases- being heavy.

Hard Shell Suitcases:

One of the blaring disadvantages to hard shell suitcases is the weight that comes with metal and hard plastics. The other aspect that goes hand in hand with the weight, is the general inability to handle hard impact. However, companies are now using a new material- polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a lighter, more flexible material that can still protect the items in your luggage as well as maintain its integrity during impact. Polycarbonate is so flexible it is in common use as contact lenses. Polycarbonate is also resistant to scratches and bending, making polycarbonate suitcases the most durable, and lightest hard shell suitcase on the market. A hard shell also allows for companies to branch out more in different colors, making it easier to claim. One could also put stickers on their suitcase, allowing for easier identification. Just remember to seal in your designs with a clear glue to ensure they don’t come off in the turbulence of travel.

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Another advantage to hard shell suitcases is their water resistant exterior, ensuring valuable electronics and clothes inside the suitcase remain dry when exposed to spilled liquid and the outside elements. A plus that goes side by side with water resistance, is that means it also fairly resistant to smells. Residual odors from spilt liquids, or anything that you choose to carry in your suitcase, would not cling to the luggage, as cloth is the material that tends to absorb the most smells. Cons include:

  • Firm edges
  • Not expandable
  • Hard to fit in overhead spaces
  • Not easily accessible
  • Difficult to place under seat in front of you

Soft Shell Suitcases

One of the main disadvantages found in soft shell suitcases is in the material itself that makes up the majority of soft shell suitcases. Cloth fabric harbors odors, as well as stains of anything spilt on the suitcase. If the spill is bad enough, or in the case of rain, soaks through the material, anything inside the suitcase is in danger of being destroyed. Electronics, important documents gone in a split second.

However, there are some advantages, like a flexible design- allowing for more items to be placed inside. Softshell suitcases generally also come with multiple pockets allowing for more organization. All this is important if you plan to return from your trip with more than you left, for instance tourist souvenirs or more clothing from an exotic location. Although limited in color options, making it more difficult to claim, you can always accessorize with a luggage tag that pops.

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Advantages of the lightest Hard Shell Suitcase

When shopping for luggage, we tend to look for advice from friends, family and the reviews in comments. After all luggage is not a commodity that is inexpensive, and when it is, the luggage is usually not very good quality. When it comes to the lightest hard shell suitcase, it is crucial to ensure the quality. Cracking is the most common occurrence when it comes to hard shell suitcases, so flexible material is crucial to the construction and integrity of the luggage.

Viagdo Luggage Carry-On Luggage Hard Shell Suitcase

With those requirements in mind, Viagdo makes one of the lightest hard shell suitcases on the market, at a wonderful bargain. The design and details makes this carry-on a very useful in an airport setting. Viagdo carry-on hard shell luggage includes:

  • Four 360 degree spinning wheels.
  • Silver or black in color.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
  • 21 inches long.
  • 50 lb capacity.
  • TSA Customs Lock
  • Universal TSA Customs Lock
  • Maintain the integrity of your luggage
  • APS + PC material
  • Sufficient protection, malleable in order to prevent cracks during impact/flight
  • Perfect to 1-5 day trip
  • 8/5 stars
  • Easy to maneuver, durable, and sturdy
  • Customers maintain it is a very attractive and professional looking suitcase.

Overall Viagdo has a success in manufacturing this lightweight hard shell suitcase. Despite all of its benefits those who have bought this product before have a few complaints that appear to be factory or design error. The one design error any customer has complained about is a lack of reinforced corners- they dropped the product and had to hammer out the corner, which was quite simple to do so. A few factory errors that are mentioned are the tendency to scratch easily, as well as the lack of strength in the glue. The glue maintaining the integrity of an inside pocket appeared to have come undone during travel, resulting in the owner having to super glue it back. Despite these flaws all customers, even the ones with problems, gave raving reviews and listed more pros than cons when reviewing the product.

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CHESTER Carry-On Luggage/22″ Lightweight Polycarbonate Hardshell/Spinner/TSA Approved/Cabin Size

Barely seeming possible, an even greater reviewed carry on luggage is made by Chester. Chester created without a doubt the lightest hard shell suitcase on the market, while ensuring it was both manageable in terms of movability, as well as durability. Not only is this suitcase rated extremely well, it maintains its ability to fit in the overhead compartments of airplanes. For not a lot of money, this suitcase is waterproof, ensuring your valuables stay safe in the inevitable chance they get caught in the weather. This suitcase meets both international and domestic TSA standards, making it the lightest hard shell suitcase that is able to accommodate all your travel needs. Just in case there are any concerns or damages done to this suitcase, the Chester company offers free returns, as well as a ten year warranty.

Always remember to shop around before deciding on luggage, as it should stick with you for several years with minimum damage. Of course, fan favorites may not always be the answer to your specific travel needs, but they are tried and true suggestions if you are unfamiliar with hard shell luggage.


In conclusion, the Lightest Hard Shell Suitcase is a great choice for those who don’t want to have to worry about packing because the suitcase has it all. This conversion is lightweight and comes with many different compartments for organization – it’s perfect for those who travel often and want to make the process as easy as possible.

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