Mens Leather Messenger Bag

One of the unique accessories that are widely used by men all over the world is the messenger bag, and there is no denying the rich sophistication, functionality, and versatility that a mens leather messenger bag offers.

As a professional, a businessman, or a student, a leather messenger bag should never be far from you. Not only does it contain all your accessories, it also showcases your sense of style. Even more, these bags are incredibly versatile. You can carry it on formal occasions like interviews, meetings, to school or job, or for casual purposes like a weekend getaway.

Asides from fashion and style, messenger bags are super comfortable to carry, sturdy, reliable and practical. My messenger bag contains my laptop, books, and headphones, documents, and other smaller items, offering me practical usage and completing my fashion statement. This bag contains all I need for work and play; it is my mobile workstation, a quintessential perfect companion. Besides, durability is guaranteed as these bags typically last for a long time.

When it comes to messenger bags, I can boldly tell you that the best are those that are sophisticated and equally sturdy, hence the emphasis on leather. The two leather messenger bags discussed below are super sleek, and of the best quality, keeping you looking sharp for a long time.

What is the best kind of leather for a men’s leather messenger bag?

The best kind of leather for a men’s leather messenger bag is vegetable tanned leather. This type of leather will not become stiff or break down due to the natural oils in the material. Vegetable tanned leather also has a beautiful, natural color that can be customized to suit any occasion. Stitching should be done with polyester threads, as this material will not dry out and cause thread breakage.

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What are the benefits of a men’s leather messenger bag?

A men’s leather messenger bag is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They are simple to carry with their adjustable shoulder strap, lightweight, and easy on the budget. The sleek design of this bag makes it perfect for any man on the go who doesn’t want to lug around a heavy backpack. For someone on the move, this bag does everything they need without weighing them down.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Risky Business Full-Grain Flapover Messenger Bag

This Kenneth Cole Reaction men’s leather messenger bag is quite popular for several reasons, among which are its versatility and fashion statement. This “Risky Business” luxurious bag is a premium leather messenger bag, designed with topnotch quality, a comfortable design, and durable material.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as the Kenneth Cole brand started business as far back as 1982, over 30 years ago. The brand began with a shoe collection, but since then, it has diversified to several other products, such as men and women bags, clothing, and fashion accessories like fragrance, belt, jewelry, ties, etc. The brand is associated with quality, excellence, and durability.

  • Design: This Colombian Leather Bag has a dimension of 11 inches of height, 15 inches of length, 3 inches depth, and it weighs 2.2 pounds. The bag has a flap-over closure, and its exterior is designed with full-grain cowhide with one gusset interior (fully-lined and tear-resistant). I love the fact that it has a full-length zipper pocket where you can place your smaller accessories.
  •  Convenience: You should never go for a messenger bag that doesn’t offer premium convenience. This Kenneth Cole messenger bag is convenient and user-friendly. Its shoulder strap has sufficient padding to ensure secure handling.

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You can adjust the length to suit your needs, and it has an ergonomic top handle. The pockets of its front gusset include a unique cellphone pocket and other organizing features. Its main compartment has enough space to contain your laptop and possessions of similar size. At the rear end of the bag, there is an open pocket which is convenient for keeping items that need to be accessed frequently or immediately.

From the reviews of past and current users, it is evident that this Kenneth Cole messenger bag has superior versatility and functionality. What’s more, most consumers also claim that the bag looks perfect when paired with a variety of formal and casual wear.

KomalC Leather 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Conceived by Komal Chaudhary, an Indian designer, the KomalC brand started as a small business in Lynchburg, Tennessee, with a single product. As a handmade leather artist, Komal produced the passion leather which became a great success.

Customer feedbacks continue to validate the brand’s passion and commitment to exclusive quality, and this has made the brand go bigger and bigger. After the success recorded with the passion leather, Komal had the inspiration to create a product with 100%, pure leather, and the successful result is the KomalC Leather 15 Inch Hunter men’s Leather Laptop Messenger Bag,

This bag is 100% handmade, designed by some of the best artisans in the industry, who have been using leather for years. You can use this bag for various purposes, including as an office bag, a laptop bag, camera bag, college/school bag, and as a golf bag.

  • Design: With a dimension of 11 inches height, 15.5 inches length, 3.35 pounds weight, and 4 inches depth, this bag can surely fit up to 15.6-inch laptop. Though this bag is super lightweight, its top quality and durability are unquestionable. The bag is designed from the best full-grain buffalo, and it is fully-lined with high-quality canvas. For lovers of fashion and style, the rustic vintage look of this bag should be an impressive icing on the cake.
  • Convenience: With this bag, you’ll get your money worth of comfort, and more. Its closure is a concealed snap that allows users to access items placed in any compartment easily. Even more, this bag has a fully padded interior pocket with two extra pockets for keeping accessories such as sunglasses, iPod, mobile phones, etc. The shoulder strap is adjustable, ensuring that you can smoothly carry this bag around.

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There is no doubt that this messenger bag is luxurious with room to store laptops, books, wallets, documents, and other accessories. When I think of this mens leather messenger bag vintage design and its versatility, practicality and modern comfort comes to mind.


We’re in a digital age where over half the population owns smartphones, tablets, and virtually everyone has a laptop. In this age, we all like the have our essential accessories with us as we move around. The functional and fashionable way of achieving this is with a leather messenger bag.

Whether you need the messenger bag for daily commute, school or work, international travel or for a short getaway, you can purchase either the Kenneth Cole reaction bag or the KomalC retro buffalo messenger bag. These best men’s leather messenger bags are designed with the high quality and sold at a budget-friendly price. Impressive, right?

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