A Tote Bag with Trolley Sleeve? Yes Please!

Have you ever struggled to carry a purse or bag while rolling your luggage through an airport? If so, a tote bag with trolley sleeve or over the shoulder canvas tote bags is something you should definitely consider purchasing.

What makes a tote bag with trolley sleeve a must buy item for the frequent traveler is that it not only performs the function of a purse, but it has a sleeve that goes around suitcase handles, so you don’t have to carry your purse.

Having to pull a heavy suitcase makes it all the more difficult to carry a purse, but a bag of some kind is a necessity while traveling. You need quick access to things like boarding passes, tickets, and your wallet, and can’t simply store those items in your suitcase.

Trolley sleeve tote bags and purses make it possible to multitask without having to struggle, and allow you to quickly and easily traverse your way through large crowds or long terminals. It is absolutely perfect if your suitcase is a carry-on, because you won’t have to worry about carrying your purse until you reach the comforts of your seat on an airplane, bus, or train.

Despite the 2-in-1 use of a tote bag with trolley sleeve, you surely can find a tote that is cute, functional, and fantastic.

The great thing is you can utilize a tote bag with trolley sleeve as an everyday bag, and don’t have to limit its use solely for travel purposes.

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Two of the best options for bags equipped with trolley sleeves that will make you want to add them to your wardrobe are featured below.

What are the different types of totes?

Everyone needs a tote bag for their everyday items. Totes come in various shapes, sizes and colors with different features to suit your personal style preference. The three main types of totes are the utility bag, the drawstring bag, and the satchel/messenger bag. Utility bags are typically made from fabric and have a single strap that is carried over the shoulder.

Women Ladies Canvas Weekender Bag Overnight Carry-on Tote Duffel in Trolley

This navy and white striped tote bag with trolley sleeve is made by Blubon. It is a canvas bag with tan handles, and it also comes in a black and white striped design, and perky mint green.

The straps are animal friendly, and are made from synthetic leather. The shoulder strap is adjustable, and comes with a classy looking buckle that lets you change the length to your personal preference. There are several metal studs underneath to make sure your purse remains upright if you have to temporarily place it on the floor or on a table.

As an added benefit, the bag is able to be washed, just in case if it gets a little dirty. It can also easily fit a full-size laptop and tablet.

It comes with a cellphone and wallet pocket in the interior, as well as a discrete zippered pocket (a great place to store feminine products). The interior is a nice, solid black, alleviating concerns of stains if you accidentally get the inside wet.

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The bag will nicely slip over luggage and suitcase handles, and the metal studs on the bottom ensure that the bag remains stable and upright when on top of the suitcase.

The top zippers shut, so you don’t have to fret about items falling out. The bag also meets most airlines carry-on standards, and with its substantial storage, you will definitely be able to pack all of your in-flight needs in this tote.

Customer reviews are quite favorable, with many customers very impressed with not only how much they can fit in their bag, but also that it looks elegant, chic, and classy.

Travel Weekender Overnight Carry-on Shoulder Duffel Tote Bag w/Over Handle Trolley Sleeve (16″ or 14″)

This fun, vibrant, polka dotted themed tote bag with trolley sleeve from Simplily Company is sure to turn heads. It comes in five awesome color selections, including two polka dotted patterns, two striped designs, and a sleek and simple all black. The all black, diamond quilted pattern includes a padded shoulder strap, and the texture of the bag looks marvelous.

The tote bag with water bottle holder also comes in multiple sizes, with the largest size offering a built-in padded laptop pocket, and the smaller size featuring a tabbed tablet pocket. Both sizes can easily slip over suitcase handles.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted to give you the perfect fit. The material depends on the design you pick, with the polka dot pattern being made from breathable cotton, and the striped and quilted designs being made from polyester.

All large tote bag with water bottle holder comes with a beautiful lined, polyester interior, and plenty of internal organization. The interior is a nice, cool gray, which complements all patterns wonderfully. The large sized version could be used as an overnight or weekend trip bag, while the smaller size makes a great everyday purse.

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The reviews are nearly immaculate on Amazon, and customers love how much they can fit in the bag (fitting shoes, coats, sweatshirts, and souvenirs). Other customers were surprised at how easily the bag fit under airline seats, and viewed it as their new favorite air travel bag.


It is such a relief to know that air travel can be simplified with the proper bag choice. The burden of having to lug heavy suitcases, a packed to the brim purse, and maintain access to boarding basses can be eliminated with the right trolley sleeve bag.

Wheeled suitcases cut back on the hassle of travel, but they also take away your ability to comfortably carry a purse. When traveling, efficiency is crucial. You also don’t need to strain yourself trying to carry more than you can handle.

Having a bag that you can quickly toss over your suitcase handles is a must have if you are a frequent traveler.

Design and style is not a zero-sum situation simply because a bag can do more than look good on your shoulder. The ability to have a bag that you love, and would use regularly even if you didn’t travel, capable of making your travels all the easier if a true blessing.

Whether you want a more classical, refined look, or a fun, vibrant, eye-catching style, bags with trolley sleeves are able to accommodate.

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