Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, 46-Liter

Osprey Porter is a well-renowned brand that is known to produce high-quality backpacks that are made from the best materials and with the consumer in mind. The Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag is no exception. Although the bag has just very few shortcomings and there are other options available as well (such as the Osprey Packs Farpoint 40, it delivers nearly everything you could want in a backpack. It has a 46-liter inner space, thin straps, comes with a whistle space for rescue, compartments for laptops and tablets, and some other exciting features. The bag comes with a price that is very pocket-friendly.

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag Ultralight Padding

The key feature that makes this backpack different from others is its unique padding style. The side is well cushioned with StraightJacket™ compression which reduces the size of the bag when it’s not stuffed completely. The bag doesn’t have a lot of padding in its shoulder strap, but it has enough to keep the load of your backpack compressed. A padded shoulder with a harness that doesn’t allow stow. This also makes it easy to take the shoulder strap off your shoulder in case you want to drop the bag. The shoulder strap also has a sternum strap that is adjustable to how comfortable it can be, with a small buckle for a whistle in case you are lost in a jungle or you need help. Also, it doesn’t have much padding in its hip belt (much padding in the hip belt allows the load of your pack to be transferred to your hips, this affects climbing). This bag makes climbing and walking easier by reducing loads on your hips. The hip belt is primarily for keeping the backpack closer to your back.

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Backpack Compartments

The second key feature that makes the bag a better option is its many small compartments with various sizes to stick in different accessories like the compartment for phone, earpiece, phone charger, USB flash-drive or modem, compartment for a regular size laptop and other easy to access pockets to pack some other light stuff. Many other similar bags do not have such generous amount of inner compartments, especially when compared to rolling duffle bags fx. There are two pockets at each side of the bag which is great for packing stuff like your socks, ties, shoes or small electronic devices. Because of this reason, the side’s walls are structural which makes the bag remain open, and it has a large opening in its zip, making it very easy to pack and then unpack. There are also handles at sides of the bag which also make it a duffle bag. Even though it can be used as a duffle bag, it doesn’t mean it can pack stuff more than expected due to the presence of many compartments.

Features of Osprey Porter 46

• It has a zippered pocket on the top of the bag for liquids and often required things

• Cushioned side walls to secure, compress, and balance load

• Handles at each side to use as a duffle bag

• Buckle for a rescue whistle

• The bottom side is padded to keep the pack straight for easy unpacking

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack reviews

This bag is able to go everywhere as a carry-on, this is just the major purpose of its unique design. You will only need to consider the type of stuff to pack in it, but you don’t need to worry about a full week clothes. When it comes to how spacious the bag is, it is fairly good. The Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag is excellent for travel on planes, trains, and cars because it firmly protects the stuff in it from damages. The straps can move into their pockets which makes it look like a firm semi-duffel bag. This feature also makes it easy to use when getting on/off planes and in/out of taxis when you don’t have to be disturbed with straps swinging up and down. The straight jacket buckles also serve 2 basic purposes; the first is that when the bag is not fully staffed, you can use it to reduce the size or slacks in the bag by compressing the bag. The second secret purpose is that it can serve as extra security as no one can access the bag from your back without you knowing. If you also want to keep extra cash in the bag, you can use the zippered pocket inside the laptop compartment. In case you also want to keep some microphone stands and gears in the bag and you want them to be safe from damage from bumps, this bag is the best option. But if you are looking to pack more heavy stuff like beds, tents for camp, the bag is not the best idea. In this case, personally, I would recommend Osprey Farpoint 55

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  • Cord loops to attach another bag for more load
  • Great and functional compartments
  • It can be used as a semi-duffle bag
  • Top compartment for extra stuff


  • Skimpy hip-belt
  • You must buy the shoulder strap

What we liked:

This cord loop is available for attaching another Osprey bag ([easyazon_link identifier=”B019TQP2S0″ locale=”US” tag=”bagintheday-20″]Osprey Daylite plus pack[/easyazon_link]). This is basically to pack more loads if the Porter 46 is not able to pack all your stuff. Also, cool functional compartments for some extra stuff like wallets, papers, money and so on. The bag has a handle at its side so it can also be used as a semi-duffle bag when you remove the shoulder strap. There is also a compartment on the bag that magically expands if the bag is full to pack in more stuff like your slippers, shoe.

What we did not like:

The hip-belt is not well padded and this doesn’t allow the transfer of load from the back, shoulder, or neck to the hip. The bag doesn’t come with a shoulder strap as you will have to buy it differently.


In conclusion, the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack is a bag with a very good structure and quality material with a great color and tons of compartments, better padding style, and multi-function use. The bag is perfect for those who are on the go as it has a lot to offer.

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