American Tourister Duffle Bag On Wheels

Since 1933, American Tourister has produced quality luggage that lasts- originally starting in Rhode Island it is now an international luggage brand. Their mission is to provide every type, style or need in luggage, so that they have everything a traveler could want, including American Tourister duffle bags with wheels. I originally thought that tourister was a type of luggage- imagine my surprise when I found out they were a brand! My research lead me to discover that they are a brand of quality, rather than quantity- making anything they produce worth whatever price they place on the bag. However I also realized that this American made company also values being affordable as well- it was one of the missions of the founder of this company. I am a huge fan of companies that had humble beginnings, and are American originated as it supports the ideal of you can advance as much as you want, so long as you try.

As far as luggage goes- duffle bags are certainly my favorite to carry in airports.

What is the benefit of a duffle bag on wheels?

When traveling, the most important things to pack are clothes and toiletries. It can be difficult to get all of your clothes into a carry-on bag or backpack and maneuver them through an airport and onto a plane. This is why many people decide to buy a duffle bag on wheels at their local sporting goods store. The rolling duffle bag allows you to transport more than just your clothes while making it easier to navigate airports.

They are flexible and quite durable against any sort of damage that might occur. They hold to conventional size dimensions- usually I can fit about 5 days worth of clothing and airline approved toiletries (make sure to check regulations before you fly every time- they may change and you do NOT want to either have to throw something away or get searched because you did not know the regulations). Plus when I travel with American tourister extra large duffle bags with wheels- I have an eternal seat. The design of this bag is low to the ground so when those crowded airport terminals have no seats left, I tend to park myself on my carry on luggage. Makes life easy as far as watching my luggage and sitting down (we all know we show up ridiculously early to airports for no reason so). So when it comes to buying wheeled duffle bag american tourister- I always go with the pros, that have been doing this for decades- American Tourister.

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American Tourister Pearce Hybrid Wheeled Duffel

Size is always a main concern when it comes to carry duffle bags, or any sort of bag when traveling to be honest. Personally I love the American Tourister Pearce Hybrid Wheeled Duffle, because of the ability to expand to meet your needs. The little duffle bag with wheels starts out on the smaller size, but not to worry- because it expands to three times it’s original size! So- if you plan on bring back some souvenirs or going shopping while you are away on a vacation- this is the bag that can accommodate all of your needs. Something that is surely worth mentioning- is the fact that this polyester duffle bag, can expand as much as you need it. You do not necessarily have to expand it to it’s full capacity- but the option is always there (in case you spend a little too much on this trip and need to add more to your suitcase- don’t worry we have all done that). Reviews favor this American tourister duffle bag on wheels, calling it a great bag- a perfect carry on if only two edits where made to the overall design of the bag. Customers would prefer a shoulder strap attached to the side of the duffle bag- I suppose so they could carry the bag like a normal duffle. Although in my opinion the bag doesn’t need a shoulder strap. They put wheels on the duffle bag I assume so one can roll it. Ah, but what do I know , right? After all- you know what they say about assuming. The other request was also odd to my logic, but slightly more understandable. A customer requested a small strap to bond the hand straps together. Once again- rolling bag, but I would see the use when it comes to lifting your bag in and out of a car, or overhead storage.

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American Tourister Belle Voyage Wheeled Duffel 20 Rolling Duffel, Blue Denim

I absolutely adore the name they’ve given this duffle bag on wheels. Belle Voyage. Gives me imagery of the old ages, and simpler silent films and/or films of sailors going off on their boats. Ladies in huge, silly hats waving good bye to their loves, or families clustered together as one parts off to go on an adventure. Everyone yelling Bon Voyage! A simpler time, to be sure with less technology, but each time has it’s own trials and tribulations that mar it’s beauty. Back on topic! The American Tourister Belle Voyage wheeled duffle is a thing of beauty in my opinion. A royal blue duffle bag on wheels! Agh- I do love the color blue, it still carries such nobility. The details on this bag make it pop all the more- making grabbing it from a terminal all the faster. After all, who wants to wait around for luggage for half an hour when you could be out enjoying the new place you are in.

  • Rose gold accents on the logo, zipper and push button
  • Locking handle makes for easy extension and therefore transport of the bag
  • Single spinner wheels makes moving the bag easier
  • Zippered fold down entry allowing for easy access to all items (I cannot tell you how important this is- I have dumped so many duffle bags out looking for my hairbrush it is absolutely ridiculous)
  • Lightweight material
  • 14” x 21.25” x 11.2” of space to fit everything you need for a small trip in (or if you are my best friend this would just contain her toiletries alone- She has sooo much stuff it is crazy)
  • This rolling duffle bag also comes in a set if you are person who needs matching luggage
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Reviews for this savvy duffle bag on wheels are stellar. It is the American Tourister brand after all and they are one of the best luggage companies out there. Over 70 years of experience has proven that – it stands the test of time. Customers love this bag, with not a single review under 4 stars, and many even going on to buy the entire set of luggage after being so impressed with this duffle bag.


All in all, whoever thought of putting duffle bags on wheels and giving those saggy duffle bags some shape was brilliant. American Tourister really hit the head on the nail with the luggage they continue to produce, and I for one am a changed forever customer after using their duffle bags for my international travel.

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