Disney duffle bag with wheels

Disney has a new product for kids to make the vacation experience a little more fun. The Disney duffle bag with wheels is a durable, yet light-weight duffle bag that comes with a strap that clips onto the handle of your luggage. This way, parents can pick up their child’s luggage from the carousel without having to carry it themselves!

Disney is one of the most popular brands today, and for anyone who travels, there is a lack of Disney themed bags on the market. One of the perfect companions for a true Disney lover is a Disney duffle bag with wheels.

When looking for a cute, unique bag that will stay true to your inner Disney, or something your child would proudly walk through the airport with, a Disney duffle bag with wheels is an excellent option.

Bags shouldn’t be viewed solely as a means to carry some of your things, or your child’s stuff: they’re also a way to express your personality, highlight your individuality, and show off your fashion sense.

Having a bag that looks good is not enough. You need to find a duffle bag that is sturdy, and can handle the high demands of traveling. If you fly, you must ensure that your luggage is able to sustain the rough treatment of being tossed, pulled, carried, and stuffed in carry on compartments.

Children especially have a dearth of options when it comes to travel bags. Finding a bag that can make your child happy to carry it, or roll it down an airport terminal, sometimes seems like an impossible task.

With Disney being such a popular brand, and having produced some of the highest grossing movies of all time, a Disney themed duffle bag on wheels is a great way to share your love for some of the most timeless Disney characters, and pass that love on to your child.

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Thanks to Amazon, there are two excellent bags to consider if you call yourself a fan of Disney.

18″ Sanrio Hello Kitty Rolling Luggage Duffle Bag

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters in the world, with a huge fan base not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Who hasn’t seen Hello Kitty emblazoned on clothing, accessories, and apparel? Hello Kitty has universal appeal as a brand and as a character, and having a duffle bag that boldly features this popular character is the perfect way to stand out, and put a smile on your child’s face.

Children especially will love this cute, pink luggage bag. The Hello Kitty character looks perfect on the front, and the high-quality graphics are breathtaking. The color scheme is nicely done, and coordinates well. The bag is the perfect size for a child, and with hand carrying straps and an extendable handle allowing the bag to be rolled, Sanrio really goes above and beyond to create a bag just for kids.

There are plenty of exterior pockets, all of which have zippers. The interior features a plush, white and pink diagonal print, which really brings the interior to life. Inside, the bag comes with plenty of space for packing.

The hard, plastic front means that the bag will remain sturdy and protect the contents, so you don’t have to worry if anything is placed on top of it.

Out of 5 stars, this bag carries a nearly perfect rating, having a 4.4 star rating after two dozen reviews on Amazon.

Many customers were impressed with how well the bag was packaged, as the company ensures a plastic cover is placed on the top to prevent the graphics from being compromised, and eliminating the risk of scratches occurring during shipping.

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Everyone who bought the bag as a gift for a child was also ecstatic with how much their kid loved it, and that it’s the perfect size and weight for a young traveler.

If you are falling in love with this eye-catching Hello Kitty bag, be sure to check it out.

Disney Luggage by Heys 18″ Rolling Duffle – Princess Watch Me Shine

For all those Disney lovers, Heys’ Disney-Themed Rolling Duffle bag is quintessential addition to your travel essentials, and buy for any kid that calls Disney one of their favorite brands.

This Disney duffle bag with wheels has a great design. The bag features three princesses, and comes in pink!

The graphics demand attention. The plastic shell top allows the princess design to be featured prominently, and really pop.

The size is just right for a child, and if your kid is a Disney princess fan and needs new luggage, or simply luggage they love to show off, Heys’ Disney duffle bag with wheels is a must buy.

Heys Disney Luggage bag comes in a bold, appealing pink. With plenty of exterior storage, you won’t lose access to your things just because the bag is zipped closed.

The extendable luggage handle is a sharp silver, with the handle itself featuring a shade of pink that matches the rest of the bag.

Inside, the lining has an appealing pattern on top of a light pink background, and your child won’t have any issues fitting their outfits, toys, or toiletries inside. There is enough space for a child to efficiently pack a weeks’ worth of clothing.

The hard-shell exterior allows the bags contents to remain safe and intact, even if an airport worker handles it a little rough. That extra protection also means that nothing inside breaks, or gets crushed.

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Amazon reviews are very strong, positive, and favorable. Out of 5 stars, this bag features a 4.3 rating, which isn’t so easy after nearly 40 reviews.

Customers have gushed at how much their kids loved this bag, and that although it was made with kids in mind, its durability was on par with adult luggage. With quick and free shipping, customers loved that they could order this great Disney bag and have it in time for their trip.

Disney duffle bag with wheels for kids

Finding luggage for kids is always an uphill battle. Stores don’t offer much variety, and kids like to have something that they not only love, but that expresses their interests, likes, and individuality.

It is hard enough to find a bag made with kids in mind, but trying to find one that is fun, stylish, and stands out is a whole other burden entirely.

Kids don’t always have a say, but if your kid calls Hello Kitty or Disney Princesses among their favorites, you may be able to make their day and ensure that traveling can be made all the easier by giving your kid a bag they love.

In conclusion, there are some things you can do to make your search for luggage for kids more fruitful. One way is to buy new luggage instead of used, which could be discolored or dirty. You could also look into pricier options that will be sure to last over time.

You should consider buying new luggage instead of used, which could be discolored or dirty. You can also look into pricier options that will be sure to last over time.

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