The Perfect Large Designer Tote Bag

A Perfect Large Designer Tote Bag is the best companion for any occasion. Having a tote bag large enough to carry all the essentials allows you to enjoy a day or night out without worrying about running out of space in your bag. If you plan on shopping at a summer flea market, or art shows, bringing a large designer tote bag ensures you can carry what you bought.

Adequate storage, durability, and the ability to use a bag for a variety of needs is a must. Being able to utilize the same bag for a formal event and for a casual day out eases the burden of trying to match specific bags with outfits.

Having a unique, fashionable large designer tote bag is the perfect option for students and busy moms who need to always have their items in an easy to reach place. Tote bag with water bottle pocket and Bags that are large enough to hold books, tablets, and laptops are great to bring to work.

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Is it worth it to buy a designer tote bag?

The question of whether buying a designer bag is worth it or not, is a loaded question with many factors to consider. It is important to know the type of bag you are going to buy and how often you plan on using it. If it is a good quality leather bag that will last for years, the money spent on the initial purchase will be more than made up in time saved from not needing to buy another one!

What is the best type of fabric for a large designer tote bag?

Many people carry tote bags with them for many different reasons, but the best type of fabric for these bags is often debated. There are two main types of fabrics that are used in large designer tote bags, natural and synthetic. Synthetic materials are made from man-made sources such as plastics, nylon, or polyester. Tote bags made from natural materials are usually leather which can be animal skin (cowhide only) like canvas totes; however some plastic/nylon bag manufacturers make their own cow hide versions too!

The first question you will need answered it what kind should I buy?

Are tote bags eco-friendly?

The use of tote bags has been on the rise for years now. This is because they are a great way to reduce your dependency on plastic bags and produce less waste. However, there is considerable debate over whether these bags can be considered eco-friendly. In some cases, they can seem wasteful because of how long it takes them to decompose. For example, a cotton bag may take up to 20 years to decompose! Therefore, it is important to think about what type of fabric the bag is made of, and if it fits your desires.

Below are some excellent bags to consider if you want to get your very own large designer tote bag.

YALUXE Women’s Vintage Soft Leather Tote Bag

This beautiful, leather tote bag has a soft look, and this luxurious bag made by Yaluxe looks absolutely stunning. The bag features extremely durable metal gun hardware clips that allow you to adjust the handle straps with a buckle. The shoulder straps are made wider than most other bags, which creates more stability, and ensures the straps will last long and are comfortable. Metal clips allow you to detach the shoulder strap if you prefer to carry it instead. Inside, the bag features a ton of storage. A MacBook Pro can easily fit with plenty of extra space.

The bag has one main zippered compartment, and has additional interior storage space. The inside is divided with two main compartments, making it a great bag for students and professionals alike. You can slip your laptop in to one pocket, and organize paperwork in the other.

Additionally, there are 2 open side pockets, which easily hold wallets, smartphones, and MP3 players. There is also a concealed, zippered side pocket, which is perfect for makeup, feminine products, and personal items.

There is one large exterior pocket that is stitched on to the bag. The pocket is conveniently located to allow for quick access.

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The bag comes in three different color options, which include a light brown, midnight black, and a deep, wine red. The leather is coated, and the bag is 100% water proof.

The bottom of the purse features four metal studs, which helps support the bag whenever you place it on a hard or soft surface.

The smooth leather exterior gives off a designer look, and the double stitch work looks truly exquisite. The bag can be carried by the handle straps, or you can use the should strap and wear it cross body.

The zipper for the main compartment is a great addition, and makes sure your purses contents don’t come lose during a car ride, or fall out if you accidently drop it.

This excellent bag by Yaluxe is also great for air travel, and definitely provides the amount of storage necessary to keep all your belongings organized while traversing a busy airport. The size also guarantees that you can bring it as a carry-on bag.

Yaluxe has been making designer, high-end women’s large leather tote bag, leather bags and purses for over 10 years, and has become well known for producing great quality, fashionable, and long-lasting bags. Customers have raved about this bag. The leather is superb, it looks great, can be used for a variety of occasions, and is well made.

Designer Diaper Bag by MB Krauss

MB Kruass has an amazing large tote designer bag that is made with mothers in mind. For all those women who are tired of the standard looking diaper bags carried by retailers like Walmart, Target, and JC Penney’s, this bag is a perfect solution.

The unique design sets it apart from every other diaper bag on the market. It is super trendy, and looks like a purse made for everyday use. This bag truly looks like a normal purse, but has all the amenities to make sure you have everything for your little one.

The bag comes with hand straps and a should strap, and has a built in universal stroller hook. It conveniently latches on to any stroller, making it easy to bring along if you take your infant for a walk.

It has 12 pockets, all specially designed to store everything your child needs. It includes an insulated bottle holder inside a zippered compartment, making sure your little one’s bottle is always the perfect temperature.

It features a changing pad that converts in to a clutch bag that has pockets to fit diapers, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream. The inside has 5 pockets, which makes it ideal to organize pacifiers, formula, toys, clothes, bibs, and burping rags.

It has 2 exterior pockets, meant to hold bottles and sippy cups. The main interior pocket zippers closed, and the shoulder strap is fully adjustable. The exterior pockets also snap shut, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out of your bag.

The purse is also perfect for everyday use, and is especially great for anyone who likes plenty of internal organization inside their bags. The purse is made from a synthetic, canvas like fabric that is easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to fret if the bag gets a little dirty. The canvas is a rich, classic cream color, and the interior fabric compliments the exterior.

The shoulder straps also easily detach. The bag is a unique, tasteful, and a trendy take on the typically generic look of most diaper bags. If you chose to hook the bag to your child’s stroller, all of the pockets are easy to reach.

The bag also comes in an elegant gray, which is accented with silver straps. MB Krauss created a designer style diaper bag that was constructed to withstand heavy use, and is meant to stand the test of time. Customers love how amazing the purse looks, and how they are able to maintain their sense of style with a creative, eye appealing diaper bag.

Extra Large Leather Tote Bag

This bag by MKY features a ton of flair, and definitely will help you stick out of the crowd. There are 17 different design selections. The black bag has silver, leopard print straps on the outside. The straps have silver buckles.

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Some of the other design options include a black body with leopard colored straps and a black and white pattern. There are several options available with striped patterns, including beige and white, black and white, pink and white, orange and white, red and brown, and bronze and brown. They also offer a checkered type, solid color design, that comes in turquoise, cognac, burgundy, or tan, and a striped design without buckles in solid black or solid brown.

The bag has handles and a detachable shoulder strap. All tote bags also come with a removable floral buckle bag that can attach to the interior of the purse. All styles are made with high quality synthetic leather, and all bags are waterproof. The exterior features hand stitching, and the interior is lined with polyester.

With so many color choices, you can easily pick one that will match your wardrobe. The bag is perfect for dressy casual and casual wear, and has a large amount of storage.

Despite being made from an environmentally friendly synthetic material, the purse looks like it is constructed from real leather. The interior, detachable bag also functions as the main comportment for storage. The inside bag also has multiple pockets that zipper shut. It is roomy enough to fit everything you need for a long day trip or an overnight visit.

The bag definitely looks like a high-end designer purse, and it very stylish. The manufacturer even offers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will accept returns without any hassles. They also offer to replace the shoulder strap if, down the line, it becomes worn. Additionally, they offer fast and free shipping, and most customers received their bags within 4 days of placing an order!

Customers praise how much storage this bag offers, and how many compliments they’ve received when using the purse. The quality is superior, and the refined design makes it perfect for formal wear, or a great bag to bring to 5-star resturants. The bag comfortably fits large and oversized laptops and tablets, and leaves extra room for your wallet, keys, or even an umbrella.

Large Designer Laptop Tote Bag

This next bag, made by Dasein, definitely checks off all the boxes for an exception large designer tote bag. Dasein is German for determined, and also means human existence. The designer currently produces lines of handbags, briefcases, bookbags, and purses, and was formed in 2008 by La Vani Inc. The company has hit the fashion world by storm, producing high quality and unique accessories.

Dasein creates high end bags at affordable prices, and their products can be easily mistaken for well-known luxury designers. All bags are designed, manufactured, and produced in the United States, and the company is dedicated to promoting jobs and industry in America.

Their two-tone, large designer tote bag is constructed from vegan friendly faux leather, even though the purse looks like it is made from quality leather. The bag is 100% water proof, so you never have to worry about your stuff getting wet if you get stuck outside in the rain.

The exterior is a brown and black, two tone design. It also comes in several other color patterns, including black and white, red and gray, pink and white, coffee and gold, and stone and blue.

The center color is the same color as the straps and handle, and is fully wear resistant, meaning it will remain intact and looking nearly brand new for years. The bag comes with a cute lock on the front strap, and also includes a wrist strapped wallet. The bag features polished gold hardware. The bottom of the bag has four studded corners, making sure the back stays upright and structurally sound whenever its places on a hard surface. So if you need to momentarily place your bag on the floor of a resturants or on top of a table, the bag will stay structurally sound.

The clutch snaps shut, and makes a great wallet, and is large enough to hold a check book, all of your cards, and anything you need for a quick run to the store. It can even fit a small tablet. The inside has a zippered interior pocket, and also two pockets that remain open and easily fit items like smartphone and chargers. Dasein also includes a free, silver fabric tote back that has the Dasein logo.

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Customers who have ordered this bag have been very impressed. The bag has been perfect for formal occasions, and looks even better in person.

Women’s Leather Designer Handbag

Bostanten designs a wide variety of leather bags, including purses, backpacks, wallets, and totes for both men and women. They are known to produce high end fashion accessories, and use premium leather.

This large designer tote bag is made from cowhide leather, and the quality is astounding. The body of the purse looks soft and smooth, and the hand stitched trim ads a refined finish.

The purses main compartment zippers shut, and includes a magnet clip to add a second layer of security. The shoulder strap adjusts and can be taken off the purse. It comes in 5 different colors, including black, red, light blue, gray, and pink. As an added bonus, all bags come with 2 different shoulder straps, one leather that matches the color of the purse, and the other is a reversible shoulder straps that include a bold Aztec like pattern that is bright and fun on one side. The other side of the reversible strap is a simple, dark red and light pink striped pattern.

The ability to have two different shoulder strap styles adds additional versatility, and lets you match the bag with any occasion.

The bag comes with a detachable zippered pouch that has 4 different pockets. It has one main compartment, has 2 slip pockets for items like cards and cell phones, and the exterior has another 4 pockets. 2 of the exterior are slip pockets that remain open, and the other 2 have a magnetic buckle and quickly and securely close.

There is ample interior storage, and you can easily fit a super-sized tablet, or full-size laptop. The purse is perfect for students, and would be a great way to carry books and a laptop to and from class. Additionally, it is a great bag for anyone who constantly works on the go, or for working professionals who need a large bag for work.

The purse is made from Cow Split leather, making is very durable and scratch resistant. The leather is also thick, allowing it to handle long term use without strain. The company offers free, quick shipping, as well as free returns. It also qualifies for Amazon prime shipping, meaning you could get your order in as little as 10 days.

Customers simply love this bag. The price is a true steal, and they love that the bag can store everything they need and the strong construction allows the purse to hold a lot of heavy items. It has been a great way for moms to pack supplies for their kids, and also for working professionals who regularly work on the go. The fashionable design makes it perfect to bring for a special occasions and cocktail dinners.


Overall, for any busy woman or on the go mom, a large designer tote bag is an option that definitely warrants strong consideration. Getting a bag that ensures you always have room to bring everything you need and want prevents you from having to pick and choose what items are absolute essentials.

Large bags are also great for anyone who loves attending concerts, flea markets, and sporting events. Large tote bags are able to hold umbrella’s and rain slickers, which is great for anyone who frequents outdoor events.

Having the ability to pick and choose from different colors and styles makes it so you don’t have to compromise what you want in a purse simply because it won’t match your wardrobe. Using a large tote bag is also a way to avoid having to lug bulky backpacks around if you need to bring your laptop to a Starbucks, or want a compact travel bag.

Finding a bag that is comfortable and versatile no matter how much you pack it also is a must, because if a bag doesn’t fit well or lacks utility it becomes more of a burden than an asset.