SealLine Widemouth Duffle

Whether you’re looking for a large piece of luggage to haul all your gear, or a small daypack for an overnight trip, SealLine has the right duffle to suit your needs. Traveling by car? The Widemouth Duffle can be strapped onto your roof rack and will not come loose even on the harshest terrain. Going by plane?

The SealLine Widemouth Duffle provides an interesting choice as a duffle bag. Whether you want to go hiking, camping, riding a bike, or any of your other favorite outdoor activities, this bag can do it all thanks to its large carrying capacity and waterproof features. Making sure you are carrying the right bag is essential. no matter where you are. The right preparation is everything. Here, we look at the widemouth duffle from Sealine. The SealLine Widemouth duffle comes with 80l or 40l carrying capacity. Just like its name, this bag has a wide mouth that allows you to pack your items with ease. Apart from the carrying capacity, one of the best features of this bag is it’s water-resistant material, making it essentially waterproof. If you planned a bit poorly, or if you suddenly find yourself amidst wet conditions, everything in this bag will be secure.

The bag is manufactured in Seattle and comes in various sizes and colors. Getting more space or your desired color is fairly easy,

Having said that, let’s have a look at its key features, as well as why it is a must-have for your camping, road-trip or canoeing needs.

Radio Frequency(RF) welded seams

Compared to other ordinary carrying bags, this bag has a waterproof closure that is made by fusing various types of materials together. The RF welding involves the fusing of materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. The result is an airtight seal that will not give in to any form of abrasion or external stress. This kind of seal is durable, unlike traditional seals that are made by sowing.

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This duffle has a bathtub vinyl side and bottom reinforced with scrim. This helps prevent permeability and is resistant to tearing. You can imagine the inconvenience and the discomfort of having your clothes or tent dripping with water! This bag is designed to sort that out. No more worries of having your items dripping wet. Trust it to keep all your items dry!

Another thing I love about this bag is its durability. Its stiff non-tear fabric ensures that your bag will serve you for many years without tearing or getting holes. It definitely gives you value for your money.

Available D-rings for SealLine

Imagine you want to go on a road trip and you have to tie your bag to your car roof-top or motorcycle so that it doesn’t fall off. The SealLine Widemouth Duffle has D-rings made to do just that for you. The D-rings allow you to attach it to the carrying straps as well as to anything else that you would wish to attach it to. You can use them with your shoulder straps or the tie-downs. So, if you want to reinforce the bag to your car or motorcycle, the D-rings allow you to do so. The D-rings are made of nickel plated steel, giving them the strength needed to withstand any type of force. You can be sure they won’t break or give in as you use them to hold the straps together.

The D-rings are placed in such a way that the shape of the bag is not altered once the straps are attached. They are flexible to work with and it is easy to attach the D-rings on your shoulder straps or tie-downs.

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This duffle bag also has handles that make it easy for you to carry it around. You can choose to place the tough stuff like tents at the bottom to help reinforce the bottom. The only thing that it is lacking is wheels, but given the size of the bag and it’s flexibility, this choice is likely made to improve stability.

SealLine Widemouth Duffle Review

The SealLine Widemouth Duffle is all about convenience. If you are looking for something to keep your items dry, then this is the best bet for you. If you want to get something that is large enough to hold your many items, this bag is here for you. The spacious packaging space, coupled with its widemouth gives you the freedom to easily pack and carry a number of tents, a sleeping bag, and fresh clothes. Oh, and never forget to pack your cooking accessories. You are going to be in for real fun!

If you wish to separate your smaller items like a wallet or cell phone from the rest of the pack, then you have a choice. This wonder bag has outer pockets that can help you with that. Unzip the side pockets and place your smaller items there. That’s awesome, right?

The challenge with this bag, however, is the fact that the volume can reduce as you have to zip it a number of times to prevent the water from getting in. The other downside is the lack of compartments inside the bag. In the case where you wish to separate your items inside, unfortunately, this duffle doesn’t give you that kind of a choice.

  • Watertight
  • Durability
  • Carrying Cap
  • Cacity


  • Almost too big
  • Limited color options

What we like:

When it comes to something that will keep water out and pressure in, this bag takes the medal. Your items stay dry for as long as you keep them inside. If your greatest worry is finding yourself sleeping on a wet pad, under a wet tent or discovering that your clothes are wet, you do not have to worry thanks to the RF welded seams and the vinyl bottom. Again, with its tough material, you are going to use it for a very long time. The other thing is you won’t have to stress about being forced to leave some of your items behind for lack of enough space. It’s big enough to accommodate all your camping accessories.

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What we did not like:

The lack of inner compartments to keep your items separate and the inconvenience of having to carry it around once you pack it fully can be a challenge.

The SealLine Widemouth Duffle is simply put a must-have. This bag gives you everything you need, both in carrying capacity and durability. Coming at an affordable price, this duffle can never disappoint. You have the freedom to choose the color you want, gives you more space and your items will always stay dry. And you know what? This bag can even float, meaning a boat-ride or a river excursion can never be a worry anymore.

If you are searching for a bag to carry your items with during your next road-trip or camping, the widemouth duffle is here for you.


In conclusion, the SealLine Widemouth Duffle bag is a great option for an outdoor bag. It is durable and waterproof, and according to the web site, can store up to 45 liters of stuff. Buyers should keep in mind that the bag is not very lightweight. This bag would be best for people who want to store gear for more than one day of activities.

The SealLine Widemouth Duffle provides an interesting choice as a duffle bag.

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