A lot of people enjoy going to the mall to shop for a designer purse every once in a while just to have fun. These purses often come with a huge price tag and this is one of the few reasons why others opt for a fake of such purse. There are lots of other reasons why people opt for fake purses especially after finding one which offers almost the same quality as the original for a much lower price. This is why you hear people saying they are tired of paying for the brand name.

On the other hand, there are a few advantages which you get on buying an authentic product which a fake cannot provide. This includes;

  • Certificate of authenticity from some brands
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Access to customer care services

The presence of counterfeit products keeps growing on the market and a lot of people have been unwilling victims of the sale of these products. For this reason, it is important to have an idea on how to spot a fake purse. Read on to learn a few tricks that would help you do just that.

How to spot a fake purse


The price of a purse is not an express pointer to identify a fake or an original of a product. While there are lots of fake purses which come at a very low price, there are also people who have unknowingly made a purchase of a fake purse at the same price of the original.

So, understanding that the price of a product can be misleading, you should also learn how to spot a fake purse using some of the other tips that follow.

The weight of the product

An excellent means of identifying a counterfeit purse is through the material of the product. To account for the cheap price of the purses, they try to cut down on production expenses in different areas. A lot of these purses use materials like fabrics in place of leather and metals in place of precious metals which will make the fake a lot lighter than the original article.

While this is a great method, this is not the only pointer as a lot of fake purses are getting closer to the original. With a lot of brands having a particular range within which their products fit into, it is easy to find fakes which use some precious metals to increase the weight of the product.


The type of stitching on a purse can tell a lot about the purse. With the popular brands, it is easy to notice that there is a unique stitching which all their products use. There are a few companies which are familiar with these stitching codes with permission from the brands in order to authenticate their various products.

The simplest way to know a fake purse is through the stitching is by checking for slanting or unevenness in the stitch. Some companies also use stitches which are handmade by highly trained craftsmen. For such companies, seeing any of their product with a machine stitch is a sign of a counterfeit. With the unique stitches of these companies, it is difficult for any outsider to perfectly replicate these handmade stitches.


The logo on the purse is another area which can tell a lot about the quality of a purse. Replicating a company logo is not an easy feat and a lot of fake products usually make mistakes when trying to perform this task.

The lining of the purse

Different designers have methods which they use when making purses. Some may decide to make use of linings while some do not. However, it is important to know the designers who use lining in their products to easily call out a fake. If a designer decides to make use of linings, they are surely not going to make use of low-quality fabrics for this purpose. Microfiber suede or a cross-grain leather are likely materials you may find. The linings will also be seamlessly joined to the purse so loose threads is a great giveaway.

Certificate of authenticity

While this is an excellent proof of quality, these are also easy to replicate. This means that it is not a very effective means of separating a fake from an original. A lot of popular companies understand this and hence do not provide this certificate on their products.

Visiting an authentication company

In a case where you have already made a purchase and you are unable to find any area that tells you about the authenticity of the purse, there are companies who specialize in providing these services.

You can get authentication of your purse either by going to such person in person or by sending a picture. Making yourself available in person makes the process easier compared to using a picture.

Such companies have trained personnel with a good background in the identification of precious metals, and luxury fashion goods. They use their various senses like smell, touch, and sight to learn a lot about an item. The smell coming from the leather, the quality of the material and engravings, and the stitches on the purse.


Since I am at this point, I’m sure you know how to spot a cheap knock-off purse from an outstanding one. Another basic lesson that I will often don’t desire to spell out but I ought to do due to security, is where you make your purchase. The bulk of the original purses are frequently bought at an area store who has a professional relationship with that which is good for the purse.

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