Does your work bag not have enough compartments for all of your stuff when you make your way to the office every day? If you’re experiencing this problem, then maybe it’s time to switch from your old handbag to a brand new leather purse with lots of pockets.

One of the problems that I usually encounter when packing my work things is that I need to stuff everything in just two compartments. My water bottle will have to be placed in the same place as my files, and my wallet has to be placed in my laptop compartment.

Because of this, my belongings tend to get scattered inside my bag. That’s why I considered switching my old bag with one of those leather bags with lots of pockets. What I like about these types of bags is that they’re not only very roomy, but they also have many compartments. If you like your things organized, you’d really appreciate having a designated spot for each item you have.

Not only are they good work bags, but they’re also great travel handcarry bags as well. They can store your passport, boarding tickets, and other items in a very organized manner. That way, you won’t have a hard time looking for things.

What are the different types of leather purses?

Leather purses are a staple in women’s fashion. In order to purchase the perfect purse, it is important to know all of the different types of leather purses. There are four types of purses that can be identified by their leather type: Cowhide, lamb, pig, and synthetic. Cowhide is known for its thickness and durability. Lamb is a more expensive type of hide that is not as durable as cowhide but luxurious because of the softness.

What to consider when buying a new leather purse

A new purse is a great way to dress up an outfit and add style. A leather purse can be expensive, but there are many things to consider when purchasing one so the price will not be overbearing. One consideration is how often the purse will be used. Most quality leather purses are made of genuine leather which is more durable than some other materials. The best way to tell if a purse is genuinely made of leather is by feeling it, specifically on the inside.

If you’re interested in getting a purse like this, let me share with you some of the products I’ve come across and am interested in purchasing.

Zzfab Multi Pocket Soft Leather Bag

Last updated on July 1, 2022 4:47 am

One of my first choices is a bag from Zzfab. Just to give you an idea of the brand, Zzfab is a brand that caters to women who want handbags that are both practical and artsy. I’m not a big fan of bags that are too loud, which is why I liked this model in particular. It has a very simple design but a rather sophisticated feel to it because of its silver tone.

Another thing that I really like about this bag is that it’s made out of very soft leather. The texture is just amazing– softer than a lot of leather bags I’ve bought in the past. Don’t worry though as the leather is just soft faux leather. No animals were harmed during the manufacturing of the bag.

Of course, I love the fact that it has so many pockets to store a lot of my stuff. It comes with four pockets on the front, two on the side, and one main compartment on top. The front compartments can be used for storing small things like your phone, your coin purse, or even your calling cards.

The main compartment is for big things like your clearbook, notebooks, and laptop. It is divided into two sections, so you can put your laptop/file book in one and maybe your water bottle in the other. There are also some side compartments where you can put your makeup.

As a bonus, it comes with a leather wallet as well! With this as a part of the package, I don’t need to buy a new wallet.


What Customers Have to Say:

It also seems like customers are really happy with the bag. Let me list down some of the main things customers say about the bag:

  • It can store a lot of stuff inside because of its capacity
  • The number of pockets make it easy to organize items
  • Soft texture makes it nice to the touch

Roma Leathers Crossbody Organizer Purse

Last updated on July 1, 2022 4:47 am

This is my choice for a crossbody purse with lots of pockets. This bag comes from online store Roma Leathers which is a pretty well-known women’s bag brand that sells a collection of crossbody bags, backpacks, coin purses, waist packs, and more. What I love about this brand is that their bags are really for professional working girls like me.

Now let’s talk more about some of the convenient features that this bag has. First of all, it contains a number of pockets designated to certain items. It has two front pockets for your small items like credit cards, calling cards, and pens. Connected to the small front pockets is a big compartment. This big front compartment is half as big as the main compartment and can fit your notebooks or files.

The main compartment is the big one that can fit your laptop and other big things. What I like the most about this bag is that it’s so robust and sturdy. Unlike a lot of crossbody bags, this one doesn’t sag. It’s very solid, which means that it has a good weight capacity. I can put in a lot of stuff here without worrying about the bag breaking open.

When it comes to durability, this is my choice out of all large leather purses with lots of pockets.

What Customers Have to Say:

Customers are also really satisfied with the product. Here are a few main points that come from the reviews:

  • Customers love how roomy the bag is with the number of pockets
  • The bag is very strong and robust
  • It comes with a strong shoulder strap


In conclusion, I would recommend that people try to find a small purse with many pockets for work. I always have to carry my phone, keys, planner, pen, chapstick and other things in my purse and it can be difficult if everything isn’t organized.

The two products that I’ve mentioned above are my two main choices for leather purses with pockets. I love that these bags have their own set of reasons as to why they’re popular products. If you’re an organized freak like me, then you’d most likely appreciate these two.