The best big handbags for ladies

With so many people on the go and living such active lifestyles, big handbags for ladies are absolute essential items for the modern women. More women are working now than twenty years ago, while still racing kids to soccer practice, attending PTA meetings, and squeezing in precious time at the nail salon. With wallets, change, smartphones, tablets, laptops, makeup, and feminine products needing to be accessed at the most unexpected times, big handbags for ladies are the perfect solution to ensure you never have to leave anything at home.

One of the biggest failures of compact, tiny purses is that you usually have to pick and choice what items you can fit, and sometimes you have to leave things like Chapstick or portable cell phone charges at home or in the car. Big handbags are also great so you are never without an umbrella when an unexpected downpour happens, or sunglasses for when the sun shines just a little too bright.

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Finding big handbags for ladies that stand the test of strength, style, and optimal storage is also not such an easy task. Having a handbag that can withstand sandy conditions at a beach, and also look fantastic walking through town, is usually a struggle.

Although many options exist for big handbags for ladies, not all bags are made equally. A big handbag must offer efficient storage, with enough interior pockets to neatly pack and organize all the essential and potentially necessary items you need, and be able to withstand the weight without tearing or damaging the straps.

Two great options for all those looking for big handbags for ladies are Mn&Sue’s stunning Black Braided Shoulder Tote and Heshe’s Leather Women’s Handbag.

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What is the best fabric for handbags?

The material of the bag usually depends on your preference and usage. If you want a durable yet stylish bag, then leather is for you. If you need a lightweight fabric that is also waterproof, then nylon is the best option for you.

Mn&Sue’s Black Braided Shoulder Tote Bag

Wow! This luxurious, refined black (tote) handbag is striking. The bold black makes a true power statement, and the size is perfect for anyone who needs to bring more than a wallet and cell phone when they walk out the door. And let’s face it: most of us do.

The Mn&Sue bag features high quality, braided handles that add a perfect accent to the sultry black body. The exterior zippered pockets make accessibility the least of your worries. It also features a shoulder strap, so if your hands need a rest, you can quickly toss it on your shoulder and continue on with your day.

This checks all the boxes anyone looking for big handbags for ladies has, as the bag offers a ton of interior storage. This beautiful purse matches all styles, from formal to grunge, and the simplicity of a solid black pattern means it would match nearly any item in your closet.

The top closes with a stylish black zipper and offers enough space to fit a tablet, phone, wallet, and makeup, plus whatever else you need when you’re spending the day out of the house.

This purse would be perfect not only for a night out on town, but also when you go on an impulsive Target run. The design is versatile, and the reviews are top notch on Amazon (holding a great 4.4-star average). Customers are super impressed with how the purse feels like high quality, expensive leather, and looks like a luxury purse. At a low price on Amazon, this would be the perfect large purse to match any lifestyle.

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Heshe’s Leather Women’s Handbag

Next up? None other than Hesche’s Leather Handbag, a perfect fit for anyone looking at big handbags for ladies. Beware! At first glance, this Hesche handbag truly looks like it came off of Gucci or Chanel’s production line.

The smooth, clean, and designer-esque style is very impressive. This leather handbag features high-end cowhide leather and looks soft to the touch.

Hesche’s handbag features both handles and a shoulder strap, and a well-designed zipper top. Four metal studs on the bottom ensure that this handbag will stay upright if it’s placed on a table or chair, and will help prevent normal wear and tear. There is also one exterior zippered pocket, making it the perfect place to store your wallet.

The interior is well done, with zippered pockets on both sides providing functionality and efficiency. There are three zippered pockets inside, one of which features a cell phone pocket. To top it off, there are pockets inside the three main pockets, allowing for additional organization.

This handbag comes in six different colors, with bold and neutral options available. Despite its luxury brand look, this magnificent leather handbag only costs $69.90 on Amazon, and comes with free shipping!

Hesche’s handbag has also received very favorable reviews on Amazon, carrying a super high 4.5 out of 5 rating after nearly 200 customer ratings.

And customers are surprisingly shocked that they received their Hesche bag so soon after ordering, with some customers getting their beautiful new handbag within two days of placing an order! Hesche has also made purse people out of women who previously shunned bags, with customers sharing that the exceptional quality made them fall in love with handbags for the first time.

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If you want to see what the big deal is about, see for yourself!

Bigger handbags are the best handbags for ladies

Big handbags for ladies aren’t always recognized for how much easier they make day to day life. The freedom of being able to pack everything you need and not being worried about forgetting something at home can ensure that no day is ruined because you had to leave something behind.

Too often life throws the unexpected your way, and you can’t always know what you are going to need on any given day. Having a handbag big enough to bring along an extra phone charge, or sunscreen, may make the difference between enjoying a day off and being stuck having to drive home or buying something you already have.

Finding functionality that doesn’t compromise your need to be trendy and fashionable means having to spend extra time looking for the best bag for you. Sometimes life is just too busy to visit multiple brick and mortar stores to find the perfect large handbag, and being able to view options online can save time, money, and hassle.

Even if you tend to over pack a purse, sometimes life’s demands require planning for the unexpected. Thankfully big handbags can help you always stay a step ahead, so you can spend your time having fun, instead of worrying what you couldn’t fit in your purse.