As someone who owns more purses than I can count, I am always struggling to find a way to properly store and put away my purses. Trying to find a solution to where to put my purses (coat racks are not the best place to hang a purse), I wanted to find a purse holder for tables. Whenever I go out to eat, I struggle to find a safe, convenient place to set my purse. Especially if I have to use the restroom. I do not always have the option of setting it on a chair, and leaving it on a dirty, highly trafficked floor is far from ideal. Whenever I have a long commute, or need to pay toll fees, I am constantly digging through my car to find my purse so I can pull out my wallet and pay toll fees. I usually feel bad about holding up traffic, but I have not been able to find a valid resolution for a way to ensure my purse is always accessible and in sight. Luckily, a friend of mine told me she found the perfect solution: a purse holder for tables. She received one as a gift for her birthday, and wasn’t sure where the item was bought. I was impressed with how the purse holder was able to easily fit in her purse, and could be used in a variety of settings. It was the perfect travel size accessory.

What are the benefits of a purse holder for tables?

If you’re like me, then you often worry about spilling food and drinks on your purse as well as all the stuff inside. That’s why I love to use a purse holder for tables. It keeps my belongings safe and out of harm’s way while I enjoy a meal or snack. The best part is that it doesn’t take much space; it can easily fit in any corner of the table and it’s not something that will make the table top bulky and unusable.

Clipa2 – The Instant Bag Hanger Collection

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The first amazing purse holder I found was a classy, stylish, and compact accessory that I knew would solve my problem. The Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger functions as a purse holder for tables, chairs, and even car seats. It is highly versatile, and can be used to hold a purse in almost any setting, including public restrooms. The gold finish is eye catching, and looks stunning. It is an absolute steal at $15.95, and comes with free shipping and returns. The Instant Bag Hanger easily fits in a purse, or even a glove box. The spring clip ensures durability and strength, so no matter how heavily packed your purse is, the hanger will be able to hold it. It is crafted from alloy, meaning the clip won’t get nicked, scratched, or fade over time. It will look brand new for years! The clip allows you to clip it to your purse strap, so you won’t have dig through your purse to find the clip. The Clipa2 also can hold up to 33 pounds, and can withstand over ten years of daily use. Even though I may overpack my purse, I know that I would never exceed 33 pounds.

The Clipa2 can also latch on to your cars headrest, so no more worries about your purse falling off the seat while driving. I would definitely be proud to use the Clipa2 in a restaurant, because the design is unique, elegant, and appealing. The product itself has excellent reviews on Amazon, with a five-star rating after 1,727 customer reviews. Clearly the Clipa2 has left a very favorable impression upon all who have bought and used it. The Clipa2 also comes in five different colors, and at such an affordable price, it is worth buying more than one to make sure it matches each of your go to purses.

The Clipa2 also received universal praise from men, especially men who carry expensive items like high end professional cameras. The strength of the hook ensures even the most valuable possessions you carry won’t fall and are in a secure place.

Roflyer’s Purse Hook

While searching for a purse holder for tables, I found another truly special product. What is original and exceptional about Roflyer’s Purse Hook is the design. The sleek silver finish is simple, yet refined. The product also comes in multiple designs, with the artwork truly awestriking. Some of the designs include a dragonfly, butterfly, a tree, a peacock, a sun and moon design, and several trendy patterns. When looking at all of the options, I wasn’t able to find just one favorite. Roflyer also sells a 5 pack, which is great for anyone who, like me, would have trouble picking just one design. The purse hook is able to hold up to 22 pounds, which is impressive considering its compact size. The pricing is superb, as one hook costs only $7.66 with free shipping.

With so many artistic designs, the price makes it justifiable to spoil yourself and buy the five-pack set. The excellent selection options also allows you to buy a hook for each purse and each occasion. These hooks will also serve as a great conversation starter, because this type of quality product is simply not found in big box retail stores. The reviews almost average a perfect five-star Amazon rating with nearly 100 reviews. The customer reviews consistently compliment the compact size, durability, quality, and aesthetics of the cap designs. This product is perfect, whether you are looking to hang a handbag or a purse with a shoulder strap. The cap designs are tasteful and colorful, and add a little pop to an already unique product. If you would like to buy one for yourself, just check it out.

Just use a purse table holder

When looking for a purse table holder, it is essential to ensure that the product with be able to be strong enough to hold up a heavy purse. Also, when you are out and about, especially if you are traveling to a large city or a new area, you may be hesitant to leave your bag or purse in an unsecure location, or somewhere that isn’t visible. Bringing a purse or a bag to a public place shouldn’t cause worry or concern. A purse table holder is the perfect accessory to bring with you no matter where you go to ensure your purse or bag doesn’t have to be left on a dirty floor. For anyone who has had to lug a purse or bag in to a bathroom, finding a sanitary place to hang your purse is a significant concern. Not all bathrooms have coat hooks, and leaving a purse on a bathroom floor is not a great idea. Whether you are concerned about germs or theft, or simply want to make sure your purse or bag is well maintained, a purse table holder is an excellent option to consider. Their compact design allows you to fit it in the bag you are bringing, and the ability to clip it on a car head rest makes traveling all the more convenient.


In conclusion, I love to use a purse holder for tables. It keeps my belongings safe and out of harm’s way while I enjoy a meal or snack. With the safety of my belongings in mind, I will never have to worry about losing them again. If you are tired of your own things getting lost or stolen, strap on a purse holder next time you go out to eat!