Not all good things must come to an end, at least when it comes to fashion. Anyone else getting nostalgic for an 80s purse with wooden handles? Because I sure am. I love the versatility of the retro, vintage design. As someone who has a busy social calendar filled with everything from birthday parties to formal events, I love having a purse that is able to look perfect for any occasion. And, like most people, I have to make sure I have all the necessities when I walk out the door: chapstick, cell phone, wallet, and makeup, and having a purse with ample storage is a must. It is also essential for a purse to be durable and easy to carry.

Having straps that are durable and long lasting is key. I have always loved retro and vintage fashion, and an 80s purse with wooden handles is a quintessential component to my versatile wardrobe. I need a purse that does not sacrifice style for price. With so many companies marketing purses for hundreds of dollars, I have had to become more creative in finding affordable fashion. When I stumbled on a Pinterest page showcasing vintage purses, I remembered the stylish 80s purse with wooden handles I saw while watching a Totally 80s movie marathon. I love a purse that can handle any occasion, and could even withstand inclement weather (I have had too many purses get soaked when it rained!). The biggest issue with purses is the limited space and inferior durability, or perhaps that they are not complementary to many hairstyles due to their basic design. Since I have a jam-packed social agenda this month, including a first date and a charity dinner, I Googled to see what type of purse I could find: a huge purse with wooden handles.

The Dasein Laptop Bag and Satchel

The first purse that matched my search was this beautiful Dasein Structured Wooden Handle Designer Satchel Laptop Bag. When I saw the purse, I was pleasantly surprised that I found a fashionable, classy purse that could fit my laptop! As a woman on the go, who sometimes needs to do work at the first coffee shop I come across that has WIFI, I need to bring my laptop with me, but I do not enjoy bringing bulky backpacks that make a less than favorable fashion statement. What also caught my attention is that the purse is eco-friendly, and made from vegan material. Even though the 80s style purse appears to be made from leather, no animals were hurt when making the product! As a vegetarian, I was very impressed that such a classic, trendy purse can have the appearance of leather while using an environmentally and animal-friendly material. The 80s purse with wooden straps also comes in ten colors, and with a small price tag, I can afford to make sure I have one to match every occasion! The bag has a shoulder strap as well as handles, which is a blessing in case the purse is a little too packed and becomes heavy. The Amazon reviews show a nearly five-star rating, which indicates the purse delivers as promised. The Dasein Wooden Handle Satchel also offers insurmountable storage, allowing you to comfortably fit all the necessities and not have to compromise about which items to bring with you. Quick shipping and free returns alleviate concerns of worrying if the purse will come in time, or accidentally ordering the wrong color (it happens to all of us at least once!). Here’s where you can buy one yourself:

The Vanilla Chocolate 3D Rose Handbag

The second 80s purse with wooden straps result that I loved is the Vanillachocolate 3D Rose Flower Tote Handbag With Wooden Handle For Women. The flower design on the bag, with an eye-catching and tasteful color scheme, is the perfect purse to use as a unique accessory. The purse has personality, and ensures that no one will mistake your fashion choices as bland. The flower design is 3D, which is truly original and allows the flower to “pop.” Despite its design, the purse is actually not made from leather. The overall style of the purse pays homage to Chinese Ruyi, and provides a statement piece to your ensemble. As a history major, I love that the purse uses traditional artistic trends, and thoughtfully entwines Chinese style with a modern twist. The flower design combined with the handles is also a great way conversation starter, because the originality of the purse demands attention. I know that this purse will set me apart from the crowd. I was also impressed with the affordable price. The customer reviews are nearly all five stars (with 30 reviews in so far), and people that purchased the purse are raving about its quality, durability, and versatility. The free shipping option is also a huge convenience, and reviews consistently state how most customers received the purse within days of purchasing. I know that I can use this purse as an everyday, go to accessory, or while at a five star restaurant. If you, like me, are intrigued and want one for yourself, here’s where to find it:

Wrapping Up

When I wanted to find a purse that reflected the 1980s with its wooden straps, I wanted to be sure I would quickly be able to find something suitable, in my price range (or below my price range). Fortunately, I was able to find two unique purses that met all of my requirements (truth be told, well below my price range). It’s not always easy to find a good bag that provides function and style at reasonable prices. My lifestyle demands the ability to be in diverse, and often polar opposite, social and professional settings. Having a purse that looks good while I grocery shop and when I am attending a formal event is a rarity, and I am grateful to find two options that can meet all of my needs. Good quality purses are also difficult to find. Countless people have stories of zippers breaking the first time using a purse they just purchased. As a modern girl, I need to have a purse that can stand the high demands of last minute plans, less than ideal weather, and working on the go. I also want a purse that stands out in the crowd and is trendy. I thought my expectations may have been too high, but luckily, I found two wonderful options. And all I have to worry about is making sure I am in town when the purses are delivered!