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As a woman, selecting a purse is a daily routine which is not taken lightly. Since it as an everyday accessory, it is only natural that you have a selection of various types of purses in different shapes, colors, and sizes. For a lot of women, the only way to get a wide variety is to look for cute affordable purses which do not have a large cost implication on their pockets.
While you are looking to get a purse that goes with the latest trend, you should not forget that these purses will need to be able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This is why you need to look further than just appearance and price when you decide to look for cute affordable purses to add to your collection each time you go shopping.
Since you are going for a more affordable purse, there are certain tips to consider when buying such products
• For example, when it comes to faux leather, darker colors like brown and black are easier to maintain than brighter colors.
• Also, having an excess of metallic hardware is an easy giveaway.
• The size is also another factor to consider. You don’t want a purse that is excessively large and won’t be able to fit into your bag or pocket.
• Even though you are after something affordable, it should also come with an adequate compartment for your essentials. It’s pointless buying a purse without ample space.

Below, I have taken my time to pick out two purses which are durable with some excellent features while still having an excellent appearance which will surely draw a lot of attention and most of all, they are very affordable. Let’s quickly take a look at these purses for the great features they offer;

Alyssa Crossbody Bag

Double Compartment Large Flapover Crossbody Bag (Stone)

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Alyssa is popular for designing a lot of cute affordable purses with a great appearance which meets the latest fashion trends. This particular crossbody bag is one of them.
One of the most important features of this purse which makes it an instant pick in my books is the quality it offers. Like a lot of purses which come with a high price tag, this one has excellent stitching with a faux leather material. The purse also has gold-tone hardware which the designers use to adorn various parts of the purse. This is where it stands out as it does not give off the appearance of a cheap purse.
Gaining access to the interior of the purse is quite easy with the flap over design of the purse. The flap has a magnetic snap to keep it shut at all times. The magnetic snap is easy to use and also ensures the purse closes quickly.
The interior of the purse has a double compartment with the middle divide also serving as an additional storage space. In total, you get three different storage compartments which makes it a lot easier to organize your daily essentials. There is also an exterior pocket with a zipper on the back of the bag which is excellent for sliding a phone into and closing the zipper.
With a crossbody purse design, there is an adjustable strap on the purse. The strap measures 25 inches which will be easy for some buyers to swing around their body while others may find it to be quite short.

ToLFE Womens Purse

Womens Purses and Handbags Shoulder Bags Ladies Designer Top Handle Satchel Tote Bag (Beige)

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Available in up to 9 unique colors, there is no limitation when it comes to matching your clothes with any color of this purse. It also gives a lot of options when it comes to carrying the purse. It features double handles for use as a handbag and a removable strap if you wish to go with a crossbody or shoulder option. The double handles have a 5.1-inch drop while the strap is adjustable with a minimum length of 25 inches and a maximum drop of 50 inches.
When it comes to storage space, there is no shortage of space with this purse. The interior of the bag consists of two interior zipper pockets, two large compartments, two slide pockets and an exterior side zipper pocket. The interior can hold items like wallets, an umbrella, cosmetics, tablets, and phones.
Like every great purse, the detailing on this purse is of top-quality. A PU leather material is used as the exterior of the purse while a polyester material is selected for the interior. In addition to a great appearance, these materials are durable to give a long-lasting use. Certain parts of the purse also feature durable metal like the zipper, the strap hook, and the handle which are some of the few parts of the purse which will experience a lot of stress.
This purse is quite versatile as it is suitable for going shopping, for work purposes, for traveling, and its appearance makes it a great fit for going on dates.

A lot of Cute Affordable Purses

Getting a luxury purse is a purchase a lot of women consider an investment, the only problem, it can become quite expensive to repeat this process over time. This is why it is a better option to go for a purse which is affordable while still having a great appearance. As long as you know you are looking for cute affordable purses, buying a counterfeit product will not do you any good. It is easy to find fakes of popular designers like Chanel, Hermes, and so on but these fakes are also easy to identify.
You should also be careful when going for purses with lower prices. A lot of these purses may not use very durable materials. It is also important you do not go for purses with excess metallic hardware as these low-quality metals usually shine the brightest.
On a final note, there are lots of affordable purses which also make use of luxury materials like leather and suede. On such purses, a smaller size always comes at a lower price while it still retains features like excellent durability.

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