The Best Leather Purses with Outside Pockets

A leather purse with outside pockets is one of the most functional accessories any woman can have in her closet. After all, it can easily hold her daily items and even keep her valuables protected from various elements such as weather damage and theft. However, that’s not the only reason why getting a leather purse, especially one which comes with outside pockets, can be considered an excellent investment. You should also consider getting one due to the following:

  • It offers beauty and flexibility which only grows with time. Compared to handbags which are made of synthetic materials, leather purses will get more attractive the longer they are used.
  • It’s designed for long-term durability. Leather handbags with outside pockets tend to have a sturdier construction compared to other purses, especially if they’re made of genuine leather.
  • Leather purses are also known to be resistant to water and other forms of damage. They even have anti-fungal properties which reduce the chances of developing mold or mildew if ever they get wet.
  • Lastly, they’re known for their sustainability, making them an excellent choice for those who are eco-conscious mainly because they’re made of natural hide which doesn’t require the use of chemicals for treatment.

What to look for in a leather purse

When choosing a leather purse, it’s important to look for one that’s made of quality materials, has a unique style, and is easy to maintain. Pay close attention to the weight of the purse, the stitching, and any imperfections in the leather. You’ll want to choose a bag that will last for years rather than just one season.

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Leather Purses with Outside Pockets to Keep Your Items Secure

Leather purses with outside pockets are an excellent idea for anyone that has trouble keeping track of their belongings. The large pocket on the outside of the purse, which is usually zippered shut, allows people to hold onto their wallet, keys, and other small objects without having to worry about misplacing them in the center of your handbag. It’ll also help you stay organized when you’re out running errands or grocery shopping.

Now that you know about the benefits of using a leather purse, let’s now move on to some of the best products we’ve seen on the market. They are the following:

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Realer Faux Leather Designer Purse

Realer is a US-based company that focuses on designing a variety of women’s bags. It has one simple goal which is to offer their customers with the most stylish and unique bag designs they can ever find in the market. This faux leather designer purse, in particular, works well in daily applications and business issues. It comes with 2 side zipper pockets where you can keep some of your valuables with ease. Apart from that, its high quality PU leather construction makes it quite durable and long-lasting.

Other benefits you can enjoy from this bag include extra-large storage, protection against vibrations and shocks, and resistance to factors which can cause deterioration.


  • Made of high quality PU leather for excellent durability and longevity
  • Includes an adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Features 2 slot pockets, 1 zipper pocket, one main compartment, and one middle compartment
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What Customers Say:

According to those who have purchased this product, the Realer faux leather purse is big enough to hold a number of their essentials. They also pointed out its extra-long adjustable shoulder strap which allowed them to comfortably carry it with them anywhere they go. The strap can also be used to convert it to a crossbody purse with outside pockets.

Some people, however, complained about the purse’s strap falling apart just months, even weeks, after making their purchase.

Kate Spade Gabriele Leather Bag

If you love to travel in style, then you’d want to consider this leather purse from Kate Spade. Kate Spade is an American luxury fashion design house which started back in 1993. It’s known for selling a number of fashion items not just limited to bags but clothing and accessories as well. The Gabriele leather bag comes with a sleek and compact appearance, though you’ll be surprised to know that it’s capable of holding a good number of your essentials, especially if you’re planning to take a vacation.

Constructed of soft, pebbled leather, the Gabriele bag comes with a number of compartments and pockets, both inside and outside, to help you organize your stuff. It also has an adjustable strap to provide you with a perfect fit.


  • Quality peddled leather construction
  • 8-inch long adjustable strap
  • Flat base design
  • Backwall zip pocket on its interior

What Customers Say:

Though the Gabriele leather bag still has a few reviews on its page, those who have purchased it were happy with their decision. According to them, the bag is small yet very easy to carry around. They also commended its quality leather construction.

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However, due to its small size, it can only fit in a limited number of valuables.

Heshe Women’s Leather Shoulder Handbags

Despite not being well-known in the market, Heshe is a brand that’s been manufacturing high-quality handbags that come in a variety of trending styles. Most of their purses are made of high-quality and genuine leather which allow them to last for a very long time. This leather shoulder handbag is made of quality top grain leather which can be used in both professional and casual purposes. Moreover, it has a long shoulder strap as well as a single shoulder strap which you can adjust with ease.

For added convenience, it comes with two zippered pockets and one rear zippered pockets at the outside for carrying additional stuff.


  • High quality top grain leather construction
  • Vintage yet fashionable design
  • Zippered exterior pockets for extra storage
  • 6 classic colors to choose from

What Customers Say:

Most of the customers who purchased the purse pointed out that the bag’s exterior pockets are large enough for them to fit in a number of their essentials such as keys, phones, credit cards, etc. Also, they commended the purse’s excellent workmanship and quality.


Leather purses are easily one of the best investments a woman can make. However, this gets even better with the addition of external pockets which will help them store their essentials and other valuable stuff, particularly while traveling.


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  1. Jean Byrnell Avatar

    I love your reviews. I always think I have enough bags until I see the next one I have to own.
    I am looking for a travel roomy shoulder bag with space for water bottle that is not bc PU but genuine leather. Still haven’t found that. Maybe you have!

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